Monday, May 7, 2012

He had met her at the local coffee shop ... often waited on him ... and caught her looking at some porn ... his stiff cock semi hidden under the table.

"U naughty man .. what are u looking at that has you so excited"

She leaned over his shoulder, and placed one hand right on his crotch, and fould something hard to hold.

"If you come back to my place, I am sure I could do a good job sucking that but you have to promise, to take good care of me too"

She told him to wait a few minutes, then come into her room.

He found her on the bed, legs spread .. sucking a sucker and she had a hard cock waiting for him !

"Your choice ... either suck it for me ... or I get to take your ass"

He got on all fours, as he stripped.

"Guess u will just have to fuck me !"

Cum for Mommy

She had caught her son's best friend, Jake, jerking off in her panties ... and took a number of pics on her phone. When she confronted him, he begged her not to tell anyone what she had found him doing. She agreed, but on one condition ..
That every afternoon after school ... he was to come by ... and have her "catch" him again .. and she would get her hands around his cock .. jerking him off.
Her mouth around it felt even better !