Monday, February 27, 2012

Prying eyes

Sarah had come home with her cousin one hot summer afternoon and as she went by her brothers room .. she could see him thru the edge of the door. He was naked, asleep ... with his limp cock laying on his stomach ... it was huge, even soft !

"Connie ... look ... its SO big !" The two of them were always horny .. they had been on their way to play ... and instead ... they were both stripping the other, fingers finding wet spots to play with ... and within minutes both were ready for some hard cock !

"Dare u to go touch it ... no way he stops us ... I just want to feel that in me !"

" I can't, he's my brother !"

But before either knew it they were on the bed .. and he awoke to his sister kissing him .. and his cousins hands around him.

She whispered in his ear " I want you to do anything u want to me ... every hole ... over and over, and then u get to do your sweet cousin"


Batman was so stoic. He was the Dark Knight ... and Raven was his Arch-Rival. What people did not know was that 6-10 times a year they would meet ... and what started out as a show of strenght ... would turn into two men .. stripped ... hard ... doing things to the other. This time Batman had the upper hand ... as he forced Raven to chew on his cock ... draining his balls. He could see Raven fisting his cock ... his hole was already itching for that hard meat !

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Caught stealing

We though no one one would ever know what we had done, but our neighbors found out and had pictures as proof.

We had gotten a note with the pictures ..

"Here is how this works ... the two of you come over to our place ... you will us both naked and waiting ... we watch u both strip .. then that prissy wife of yours gets to suck my husbands cock as u fuck my pussy and leave a nice load of your cum ... then the two of you switch ... and you get to suck his cock till he cums .. and that darling wife of your eats my cum filled pussy ... and that just the start of our fun with you !"

My hard cock betrayed me .. guess getting caught was not all that bad !

Kinky Girlfriend

Was in my son's room, discovered his journal with some pictures.

He had gone to his GF's house where she had taken him to her bedroom ... where they stripped and she had sucked his cock as he eat her ,,, and then said .. wait her, give me 10 minutes .. then come down to my parents room .. they are gone.

When he came into the room, he discovered her on top of her mothers face , ridding it, her mothers legs spread wide

"Come on, plow her good ... while her tongue is buried deep in me" He said his cock was rock hard .... and he fucked her till she was filled with his cream.

The journal went on to say the three of them fucked for a while ... when he father and brother came home ... and walked in ... and before he knew it .. he had a mouthful of hard cock as she was busy cleaning off his cum covered cock ...

I was so busy stroking I never heard him walk in ... looked up ... journal and pics on one side, my hand around my cock ... him there shorts tented out ...

"Looks like you like reading that ... " and as he walked forward pulled his shorts down ... I nodded yes ... and took all of him .. hoping we would add a few more pics to his journal.


Katie is my brother's older girl, and been hell on wheels her whole life. They had gone out of town, leaving her home and had asked I stop over once in a while see how things where going. My brother said that Bill next door planned to stop over also, see how things where going ...

I walked in to music blaring from the basement ... and as I started down the stairs.. saw quite a sight !

Bill had his cock buried in her face, and she was busy riding another older guys face.

"you are the best little cock sucker and we both know how much u like that pussy eaten .. still can't believe it only costs us $25 a day to do anything we want to you ... "

She took her mouth off his cock ... "I have always wanted older cock ... hoping someday my Uncle gets to tap my ass too"

As I slide down my pants, my hardness sticking out ... I said "Uncle here with some cock for u !"

Handy Man is Handy to have

He had come highly recommended and we had hired him to redo two of the rooms in the house. I was to be out of two two of the weeks and returned home to find an excellent job done. Was not till later that week I discovered some pictures and an email she had written to her sister.
"Beth ... my god ... he was here again today ... I can't help myself ... before I know it I have his huge black cock in my mouth .. sucking it .. he tells me what a fine white slut I am .. that just makes me hotter .. and then he tells me to spread .. all I can see is that horse like cock ready to split me .. and god Beth .. he does .. that thing has me begging for him to stop .. but he never does ... and then the fucking starts ... he impales me on that cock .... and I can't stop cumming ... and then he said ... time for you to take this in that other hole slut ... I screamed no .. but he started working it in slowly disappeared ... till it was all in ...I almost passed out ... but once he started fucking me .. it was amazing ! Can't Wait till you visit next week .. because he says u are next !"
I will have to get a cam set up so I can record that .. maybe since he is so handy .. he will set it up for me? I am sure he and I can work out some kind of payment ... *smile*