Monday, February 27, 2012

Prying eyes

Sarah had come home with her cousin one hot summer afternoon and as she went by her brothers room .. she could see him thru the edge of the door. He was naked, asleep ... with his limp cock laying on his stomach ... it was huge, even soft !

"Connie ... look ... its SO big !" The two of them were always horny .. they had been on their way to play ... and instead ... they were both stripping the other, fingers finding wet spots to play with ... and within minutes both were ready for some hard cock !

"Dare u to go touch it ... no way he stops us ... I just want to feel that in me !"

" I can't, he's my brother !"

But before either knew it they were on the bed .. and he awoke to his sister kissing him .. and his cousins hands around him.

She whispered in his ear " I want you to do anything u want to me ... every hole ... over and over, and then u get to do your sweet cousin"

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