Sunday, March 25, 2012

Her Favorite Sister-in-law

Connie was 6 months pregnant and her husband had not torched her since he found out she was. She was besides herself, so horny, she was spending an hour or two a day ... fucking herself, making herself cum, but it was not enough.

One afternoon her sister-in-law stopped over unexpected. Diana stop at the door way .. watching her bed , riding a thick long dildo, the bed soaked where she had cum. She slowly stripped .. her own pussy soaked as she watched. She slide behind her, grabbing both legs ... holding them open, and started eating her ...

"Eat ! Eat me ... oh god yes !!!" she screamed as she came on her face and the toy ...

She slowly heard Connie tell why she was so horny ,... and Diana grabbed her camera snapping a picture of her ... to send to her brother ... all it said was "She is horny and wants cock ... come fuck what you have always wanted"

Once he arrived .. the two of them fucked her good ... and long ... and hard .... no need to worry about getting his sis pregnant ... maybe next time !

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