Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Dumped Revenge

Josh had dated Debbie for a few months and it had not ended well, she was upset and did not want it to end. She wanted to know how his new GF was and he would not say, as he know they had met in HS but not seen each other in a few years.

Josh traveled often and would Skype with Sara while he was gone. One evening he had planned to connect but her away message “Out with old friend” and he wondered who.

At about 10pm, he got a buzz to join and was very surprised to Sara and Debbie together on the couch, and was easy to see they had been drinking for a while.

“Josh, this is an old friend of mine, her name is Debbie. We have been partying for awhile and …” Josh watched as Debbie leaned over, kissing Sara, her hand pulling her top down, exposing two rock hard nipples and her breasts ..

When they can up for air, Sara could only giggle “Bet you loved that Josh .. Debbie and I use to mess around together, I bet you would love seeing that”

Josh could only shake his head yes … his cock already hard and stiff ..

“Stand up Josh, I want to see if you like this .. and lose those pants” The two watched as Josh stripped and slowly joined him, wearing just panties and thin tops.

He watched as they took the laptop into the bathroom .. turned the shower on, and Debbie dragged Sara in …

“You want to watch us play Josh?” Asked Debbie smiling knowing she was about to take her old BF’s GF.

And watch he did … as Debbie started slowly taking every inch of Sara … first her mouth, then working down to those nipples .. watching Sara moaning and begging .. then eating her … one leg over her shoulder, opening her up … then her ass .. Sara reached back to pull her cheeks apart cumming as she did !

“Time for bed Sara … I have a few more suspires for you .. you go ahead, I will be there in a few”
Sara left, leaving Debbie on Skype with Josh.

“So how many times did you cum, two, three times Josh? Don’t worry, by the time you get home this weekend, little Ms. Sara will be well used. I plan to use my two thick strapons on all her holes .. till she can’t cum again .. then do her some more. Knowing her, she will want to connect once or twice a week, so you can expect a whole lot less hot sex with her. Now aren’t you glad we split?”

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Her new lover

She had been dating him for about 3 months when she finally met his daughter, Sara. She could hardly take her eyes off of her, that face, that body, she had never been attracted to a girl before, but she was now. She found ever reason to have her invited to anything they did, and started making sure they shopped and did things together.

One afternoon it was just the two of them, and as they shared a bottle of wine, the talk turned to sex, and she started telling Sara some of the naughty, dirty, kinky things she had done. Sara listed with eyes wide .. and her stiff nipples thru her top, said she was tuned on hearing. She leaned over and kissed Sara .. and as they kissed, clothing started coming off ... till they were both naked ... and as she slowly fingered that young pussy she whisphered in her ear ..

"You like that don't you .. u like me teasing that wet pussy ... making you moan? You like my fingers in you .. the same ones I wrap around your Daddy;s cock? I bet you will love me eating you .. and know my mouth has been sucking his cock? " Sara could only moan .. and cum .. she was on fire .. she wanted to eat her .. eat that pussy that her Daddy fucked ... she whispred in her ear .. "Will u let Daddy fuck me after he fucks you?" Oh, this was the start of a beautiful friendship.


She was positive that one of them would kill the other. She had been sharing the flat with a girl she had met at school and a short time later, they added a third. That when the yelling started, the two of them did not like anything about the other .. they were so mean to each other .. where finally she just started going out to the libary more and more ... till ..

One evening she got almost there and realized she had left papers at home .. and when she got there all the lights were off but one of their rooms .. and as she walked by .. she heard voices .. and thru the crack of the door .. she could she them .. hands buried in the others wetness .. fingering ... fucking .. them kissing .. sucking ... she watched and listened as they came .. soaking the panties .. and still they fucked ..she was naked from the waist down .. pants and panties around her ankles .. her juices running down her legs ... as she watched the two of them .. "you think she suspects ? I doubt it, we fight so much she likes not being here. I would not mind her being here, right between my legs .. eating me, as u are eating her. I have plans for that ass of her's to" At that she pushed the door open ... "if you want it, its all hot and wet and ready"

Thursday, June 23, 2011

She ran her own company, and happened to find some invoices that looked incorrect, and when digging deeper, discovered that the two of them had been ripping her off.

She confonted them ... both were married ..couple of kids ... said she was going to go to the authorities .. they begged her to not. She said then ... if you do as I say .. I will let you just repay ... but if not I do. They both agreed.

"Fine then, this Saturday my place ... I have something I want you both to do". When they arrived she lead them to her bedroom. And they watched as she stripped ... and she watched both of them stiffen.

"Here's the deal ... I plan to fuck both of u .. deep and hard up the ass ... and this will be just the first of many visits" they both started to disagree but she raised her hand!

"there is more .. while I am ass fucking u .. the other will be busy sucking the other off and giving him a nice load of cum" they just stared ar her ... but she could see neithers cock was going down !

"But we are both married !" one said.

"Yes you are ... and shortly you will both be ass fucked and cock suckers too !"

and so it started ... first one was taken and then the other .. and the second time around .. they were both hard the whole time .. and when she left the room for a few minutes .. she returned to find the two of them locked in a 69 .. moaning and sucking each other ..

Taken on vacation

They were on vacation and their resort had a whole series of small private sauna's. The first day there they had fucked in one ... leaving the door slightly ajar ... and could see a shadow .. watching them ... not knowing who it was. The second day while in the pool, a guy who was swimming beside her ... said ."loved watching u yesterday .. you have a lovely ass ... he has a nice thick cock" ... she blushed and said nothing. But shortly after they were again in the sauna .. where she made sure he would see .. her ass being taken. The third day, when they entered the sauna .. he was waiting for them .. naked .. hard ... she said " we want you to watch us" and they started ... getting behind her BF .. she watched as he stroked .." Go on ,, take his ass ... I want to watch him get .. what he gives me !"