Thursday, June 23, 2011

She ran her own company, and happened to find some invoices that looked incorrect, and when digging deeper, discovered that the two of them had been ripping her off.

She confonted them ... both were married ..couple of kids ... said she was going to go to the authorities .. they begged her to not. She said then ... if you do as I say .. I will let you just repay ... but if not I do. They both agreed.

"Fine then, this Saturday my place ... I have something I want you both to do". When they arrived she lead them to her bedroom. And they watched as she stripped ... and she watched both of them stiffen.

"Here's the deal ... I plan to fuck both of u .. deep and hard up the ass ... and this will be just the first of many visits" they both started to disagree but she raised her hand!

"there is more .. while I am ass fucking u .. the other will be busy sucking the other off and giving him a nice load of cum" they just stared ar her ... but she could see neithers cock was going down !

"But we are both married !" one said.

"Yes you are ... and shortly you will both be ass fucked and cock suckers too !"

and so it started ... first one was taken and then the other .. and the second time around .. they were both hard the whole time .. and when she left the room for a few minutes .. she returned to find the two of them locked in a 69 .. moaning and sucking each other ..

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