Tuesday, October 25, 2011


She was positive that one of them would kill the other. She had been sharing the flat with a girl she had met at school and a short time later, they added a third. That when the yelling started, the two of them did not like anything about the other .. they were so mean to each other .. where finally she just started going out to the libary more and more ... till ..

One evening she got almost there and realized she had left papers at home .. and when she got there all the lights were off but one of their rooms .. and as she walked by .. she heard voices .. and thru the crack of the door .. she could she them .. hands buried in the others wetness .. fingering ... fucking .. them kissing .. sucking ... she watched and listened as they came .. soaking the panties .. and still they fucked ..she was naked from the waist down .. pants and panties around her ankles .. her juices running down her legs ... as she watched the two of them .. "you think she suspects ? I doubt it, we fight so much she likes not being here. I would not mind her being here, right between my legs .. eating me, as u are eating her. I have plans for that ass of her's to" At that she pushed the door open ... "if you want it, its all hot and wet and ready"

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