Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Her new lover

She had been dating him for about 3 months when she finally met his daughter, Sara. She could hardly take her eyes off of her, that face, that body, she had never been attracted to a girl before, but she was now. She found ever reason to have her invited to anything they did, and started making sure they shopped and did things together.

One afternoon it was just the two of them, and as they shared a bottle of wine, the talk turned to sex, and she started telling Sara some of the naughty, dirty, kinky things she had done. Sara listed with eyes wide .. and her stiff nipples thru her top, said she was tuned on hearing. She leaned over and kissed Sara .. and as they kissed, clothing started coming off ... till they were both naked ... and as she slowly fingered that young pussy she whisphered in her ear ..

"You like that don't you .. u like me teasing that wet pussy ... making you moan? You like my fingers in you .. the same ones I wrap around your Daddy;s cock? I bet you will love me eating you .. and know my mouth has been sucking his cock? " Sara could only moan .. and cum .. she was on fire .. she wanted to eat her .. eat that pussy that her Daddy fucked ... she whispred in her ear .. "Will u let Daddy fuck me after he fucks you?" Oh, this was the start of a beautiful friendship.

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