Thursday, June 24, 2010

FFF for June 25th

Claire was a vain conceited woman, and could care less.

People paid her tens of thousands to model and she treated everyone the same, you had to pay top dollar to see her.

She made just one big mistake … the gods were not pleased!

Venus wanted to teach a hard lesson … and thought long on how to use her as an example to others … for this one had no real beauty, no light to her inter darkness, she was just a study in chiaroscuro.

The art exhibit opened to rave reviews, especially the sculpture of the naked beauty reclining, so life like, so real, more real than people knew.

For inside the body (and heart) of stone, lived Claire, able to hear but not more, able to be on display for all to see … for free … for she was a study in light and darkness.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

FFF for June 18th "Taking the wall down"

One thing had lead to another, gambling debt, whoring around, next thing I knew that fucking Russian had become my silent partner. Silent not being really what he was. He owned my soul and knew it, and made my life hell. Ivan was a son-of-a-bitch and his nickname fit …. Ivan the Terrible.

After about 6 months I was scheming some way to get out from under or at least, make his life as miserable till good fortune smiled on me … his daughter arrived from Russia.

She was 19, British educated, prim and proper lady, everything he was not. And the apple of his eye, he would give her the world and she knew it.

My plan was to take her down hard, ruin her for him and get my pound of flesh.

I discovered by accident, she not only had almost never drank, she was a total tea-tottler, one drink and she was glassy eyed, two about to fall down, and well three .. three meant you could do what you wanted.

She arrived at my place one evening, dropping off some paper Ivan needed signed … offered a glass of water … ½ vodka. Within minutes she was giggling and hardly realized I had open a few buttons … the little mink had come braless .. what a treat to see those luscious breasts …
The second drink went down even better and was easy to slip off her panties and take a nice picture of her exposed, that cute little pussy I would soon have and a reminder for her for all time.

I made a call, plan was underway as the third drink went down. She was blasted and now naked and was now mine to take … and I did …

She worked hard sucking me … no idea what she thought she was doing but worked on my hard cock like was the last one she would ever get … and then used that hard cock on her …. Fucked that sweet pussy .. and then flipped her over .. her tight back-door.

Knock on the door, he had arrived.

My friend came in … was impressed with what he saw .. and went to work …. Inscribing a very small …. But legible tattoo .. just about her clit .. something she would see … and have no idea what had happened … but what I made sure to get a number of pictures of .. of her .. and slowly closer and closer till you could read it …

And so fitting too … it said

“the Iron Curtain had well and truly fallen”

Monday, June 14, 2010

Black meat

Been having work done at the house last feel weeks and have had some siding work done.

Tim had been at the house twice to work and stopped again yesterday to finish a small section

Tim is about 25, black, good looking guy.

I was in the computer room on the laptop, adding pics to the site, had my sweats down ... stroking as I uploaded.

Happened to catch the reflection of the window behind me in the screen .. and saw Tim at the window looking in. I keep typing but watching that he keep looking in .. decided if he wanted to watch .. would show him some more *smile*

I leaned back ... in the chair and slowly .. turned it so I was facing the window ... my eyes closed .. head back ... and talked loud enough so he could hear me .. as I worked on my stiff cock ... making sure to spread my legs so he could see all of my cock and balls

"Thats it .. suck me .. thats better than paying you ... bet you like my white cock .. don't you .. oh yes .. suck it ... want to give you my cream ... u want to fuck my face ... good .. want your black meat also"

I was SO hard .. knowing he could see me ...

Then I heard ... him at the doorway ..

'I'm ready for that cream you promised !"

Looking up ... he was walking into the computer room .. no shirt .. no pants ... hard ... and went right down and took all of me into his mouth .. as he started sucking me ... he slowly pulled me to the floor ... and ended up with his black meat over my face .. and then into my mouth ... there I was pinned to the floor .. taking all of his cock as worked on mine

Was just minutes later ... we both gave the other a load of cream ....

God ..just came again thinking about it ...

Winner gets fucked

Janet knew that both Todd and Jamie would do anything she wanted just for the chance to get her in bed. She had wondered how far they would go and decided to find out.

"Alright, I will give u both a chance to fuck me but you will have to do as I saw. U willing to?"
Sure they both replied ...

"Ok, here is the deal ... I will pick a number, the closest gets to eat me as the other fucks his ass as I watch"

Both looked shocked but were both willing to take a chance to eat her pussy !

They both guessed and Jamie won ... to eat her ... and she watched them strip ... and as Jamie got his face down and started eating her ... she watched Paul getting hard ... stroking ... and worked his cock up and down Jamie's crack ... she could hear him moaning .. and then reach back ... to pull his cheeks apart ... she started cumming as she watched him take it all ... and Paul reached down to start milking his cock ... She lifted Jamie's head ... “want him to stop???”

"Fuck no .. fuck me Paul ... oh god fuck me !!

She knew she would be enjoying having the two of them eating her ... and watching them fuck !

In the pool

Sarah had her GF's over in the back yard hot tub, making too much noise as always!

"You girls need to hold it down some" I said from the window

"What you going to do, spank us?" One replied back

I went out to the hot tub and as Sarah watched in shock, the three of them stood up topless !

"You going to spank us?

Like u spank that cock of yours at your computer at night?? We watch all of the time when we are over ... we can hear the video's u watch .. see you lean back .. how hard u get .. how big your balls are ... we all cum watching you ... especially Sarah ... she loves watching you use her dildo up your ass ... you going to get in here? teach us a lesson?

Daddy what are you doing? Oh god ... he's naked ... look at how hard he is ... oh god ... he's getting into the pool ...

Debbie .. don't ! Don't suck his cock ...

Go on ... do her .. Sarah wants it too .. do her on the steps .. thats it .. fuck her .. fuck her good!

Deck hands

We had two guys working on a deck in the back ... was going to be gone all day but ended up coming home a few hours early ... walked in and found them and my wife Laurie in the living room.

"God Mark .. so glad you caught her in her bedroom fucking herself as she watched me working ... man u should feel her sucking my cock ... oh thats right ... damm .. she's a dirty one .. her fingers are working my hole ..oh god .. shes in my ass !
FUCK her Mark ... feed her your cock .... the bitch is moaning on my cock ... thats it baby ... drink that cum ... maybe we should make her husband eat her out ... oh fuck ! she's nodding yes !
Maybe we should fuck him like we are u .. oh god ... she's nodding yes again ... "

Filled with black cock

My sister-in-law was the biggest cock tease u ever met.

Always half naked .. showing me her ass ... her tits .. found her private blog one day and all it was about was hard black cocks fucking her every hole. She told in great detail how she wanted them to strip her, make her suck them .. and as each got hard .. find a hole to fuck.

So I arranged for 3 black guys to suprise her and take her. I came in at the side of the living room and listened.

"oh god stop ... don't .. don't fuck me with that .. oh god ... no .. I can't ... I can't cum AGAIN on it ... oh noooooooooo ... you fuckers ... fucking me like this ... oh god ... NO .. not my ass ... oh GOD .. your SPLITING me ... oh yesss ... fuck me you black bastards ... oh god ... both my holes ... I can't suck u ... I can't ! Oh god ... oh god ... no ... don't ... oh fuck !! You bastards ... fill them all at once !!!

So they did !

Home late

It was after 4am and still she was not home.
Karen had to move back home and thought it was all just a party ... never a call where she was , always staying out late and not shy about saying she had gone home with some guy.

I was waiting for her when she opened the door at 4:17am.

"Where the fuck have you been, you know its 4am?"

"Whats wrong, you got no where better to be but waiting for me?"

"Look at you, you barely have any clothes on ... !"

"Bet you would like me in a lot less ... I was a while ago ... fact I was naked on a bed with two guys ... and they sure liked how I looked ! They were feeding me ... but you would like seeing that !"

Turning she headed upstairs ... and after a minute I headed upstairs also ... mad and ready to give her a piece of my mind.

Was about to open her door when I heard her voice inside ..

"Fuck I'm wet .. his cock was getting hard ... of god ... that feels good .... my pussy is so ready for some more hard cock .. I want one to suck so bad !"

I slowly pushed the door open ... she only had her back skirt on ... topless ...her heavy breasts open for me to see ... her skirt up .. both hands between her legs ...

I stripped in the hall as I watched her ... so she saw me getting hard did she? ... then she should get a taste of it all ...

"You want some cock slut ... come suck on some Daddy cock !"

Her eyes flew open to find me hard and by the bed .. in seconds she was on the floor on her knees ... her mouth open ... as I pushed her head down tight ... giving her all of it .. I grabbed her hair .. and used it to fuck her face

"U want some cock every night ... then you suck this ... u want a cock between your legs ... u better fuck this ... u want a load of cum ...then drink THIS !!!!!"


“Stop Tommy !

This is wrong !

I did not mean u to see me naked like this! I was not teasing u !Take it out … don’t do this !

You have to stop before Sara finds you fucking her mom like this ….. OH GOD … its so long … and hard … I can’t take it all … OH GOD …. Its to big … and its splitting me … OH god … its all the way in !

You have to stop … she can’t find me like this … my legs spread ..cumming all over her BF’s hard fucking …. OH GOD … cock !!! You have to stop … making …. Me … CUMMM ! … and you can’t … make … me … take …. That up … my ….. OH GOD … my ass !!! ….

Hurry Tommy …. Turn me over !!!”

Revenge can be fun !

Amy was sick and tired of Joan.

She had known her for about 10 years and totally was fed up with her. She had first met Joan when their daughters where in kindergarten and now 10 years later was just sick and tired of her actions. The last straw had been when Joan’s daughter made captain of the field hockey team. Her daughter, Diane, had been all country the year before and had expected to be elected but Joan as always “bribed” the way for her daughter Terri to be made captain.

Joan was short and sassy with the best body money could buy. She was 5’-5”, 38C and with a super nice ass. Her daughter Terri was just as nice and loved showing off her tits to the boys and in general mocking Diane, who was cute but nowhere as built.

Amy was always thinking that Joan needed to be taken down about 10 notches and had been trying to think of a way. She had an old friend, Ken who was good at coming up with kinky erotic ideas for stories for her and figured maybe he could help.

“Let me think about it and when I am ready will let you know” said Ken after hearing what she was after.

A week went by when the phone rang.

Ok, I have things set, at noon tomorrow be at your computer and I will message you”

Amy could hardly wait for the appointed time to arrive and was at her computer an hour early wondering what was going to happen”

“You have mail” said the computer finally!

She opened her mail and it was a message from Ken

“This is special for you sweetheart, its payback time for Joan and her Daughter!”
Below was a link and as her video file started it was a live feed from a hand held camera.
She watched it pan across Joan’s backyard and finally settled on Ken and 3 other guys all dressed in black. They all had large duffel bags with them.

“Well Dear, sit back and get ready to watch Joan get put thru the paces along with that slut daughter of hers!”

As Amy watched, they entered the downstairs backdoor and quickly found Joan and her daughter, overpowering them, gagging them and tying their hands behind their backs.

Joan was in a spandex workout attire, that showed off her tight ass and very large tits. Amy could see that although she was pissed at being tied up, both nipples were rock hard and sticking straight out !

Amy was already wet and spread, one of her favorite thick dildo’s already sliding in and out of her pussy just knowing this was going to be hot to watch knowing her Ken !

The camera was on a table across the room giving her a full view. She could see one of them holding Diane and another Joan as the rest were busy building something on the floor, actually looked like two things. As she watched they assembled something that looked like a barrel with a thick dildo sticking out the top. At seeing that she knew what it was, a sybian, a vibrating fuck machine that she hoped would soon claim them both.

As Amy watched, the four guys stripped till they were wearing only their masks, and each sporting hardon’s knowing what was going to happen.

While one held Joan from behind, the other two attacked her tits, chewing and licking them thru her top while their hands slipped under her outfit finding two wet and waiting holes.

Amy watched as for the next 15 minutes Joan throw her head back and forth as they sucked and chewed her nipples, pulling them with their teeth as far as possible out. Their hands were busy playing with her shaved pussy and ass. Amy came twice as she watched Joan cum, screaming into her gag !

On the couch in the back, she could see Diane, sitting on one of their laps, his hard cock buried in her teenage pussy as he pulled her back by her nipples against him. Between her spread legs, the other guy was busy eating her pussy and clit, as the other guys cock slowly fucked her. She watched as they untied her gag.

“Fuck me you bastards, fuck me harder, oh fuck I am cummmmming again !!! “ Diane wailed as the two of them fucked her. Amy watched as they turned her around still impaled on one of the cock. Amy had both hands around her own fuck stick, working her hole over wishing it was her there!

She watched as Joan was forced down onto the fuck machine, about 2 feet from her daughter, with a ring side seat to watch her cumming.

She watched as Joan’s gag was pulled !

“Leave her alone, ahhhhhhhhhhh, get off her you fuckers, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, stop fucking her, oh my god, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” Joan wailed as the thick vibrating cock started to work her over. Ken had found a 10” one that was buried deep into Joan further than any cock had ever fucked her.

Amy laid back, legs up, reaching over found a HUGE cuke she had grabbed, and placing it at her hole, worked it in, deeper and deeper as she watched them get taken.

On the couch, Diane was busy being double fucked, with a cock in both of her holes. She not only liked being fucked she liked it rough. The two of them were slapping her ass and tits as they fucked her. Her sixteen year old ass was getting reamed and spread wide.

On the fuck machine Joan was going wild. Not only was it fucking her hole but Ken had placed clothes pins on both nipples. Amy watched as he used them to pull on them, as hard as he could. Joan was swearing, and cumming at the same time.

Ken then held up a metal rod and Amy came again, watching as her ran it over her wet pussy and clit and watched it shock her with an arc of electricity. It was a hand held cattle prod and Joan would come right up off the dildo only to come right back down on it and cum again.
Over and over he did her till she was begging, begging for it !

“My clit, my clit ,,, oh FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK., again, again !!! “ Joan streaked as the juice arced from it to her clit.

Walking behind her, and bending her forward he slide it up her ass and pulling her back, buried all 6” of it up her ass ! Joan was going wild as it shocked her over and over ! Amy watched as she started to piss she was coming so much and then the stick fell out of her ass.

Joan and Diane were both exhausted and spent, with about a thousand frames of footage watching them cum !

“Ding dong”

It was the doorbell!

Amy watched as two of them left, and about a minute later were dragging in a girl with a hood over her head. It had to be who was at the door!

She watched as they pulled her pants off and then brought Diane over and forced her between her legs. Diane quickly dived in and eating the girl, had her cumming on her face. Amy wished it was her they were eating, as she often thought about getting some young pussy like that.

Amy watched as the moaning girls hood was pulled off ! It was Terri, her daughter !

“Eat me u bitch, about time some made you, its always me who has to eat the two of you ! “ yelled Terri as Ken held Diane head down.

Amy knew now she REALLY wished she was there ! The idea of those two young girls, one her daughter, tongues working on her ass and pussy pushed her over the edge and she buried the thick cuke in right to the stem !

As she watched, Ken untied Diane and her mother and then dragged Terri to the sybian, where Terri was placed on it to ride. Joan and Diane were only too happy to attack her waiting tits and ass!

Amy watched as the two of them worked her baby over and could not stop cumming watching what they did to her !

As the two women used clamps and strap-ons on Terri, Amy watched what was happening to Ken.

The three guys had Ken between them, with a cock up his ass and one in his mouth while the third was busy sucking him off. Amy knew how much he would be loving that !!!

Leaving the cuke up her pussy, Amy slipped on panties, jeans and a top, and headed to Joan’s
She could already imagine what would happen when she rang the doorbell .. and was invited in !

Revenge can be fun !

special massage

Cass watched as Ken was lead in by the two girls for his special massage.

She was behind a two way mirror, sitting in a big over stuffed chair, a leg over either arm, and a long thick double headed dildo in her hands … knowing she would be unable to wait long to use it on herself !

She watched as the two girls, both barely 18, stripped him and then got him naked onto the table. The two got him face down on the table. It was built so his face was in a pocket in it so he was able to look right to the floor. His hands and legs each went into a spot on the table and then each was tied down, his head included. Then the sections of the table were spread apart so that each arm and leg were at 45 degrees. She watched as his legs were spread, till his ass was open before her and his cock and balls were hanging down, hard and full.

The two girls stripped and taking two squeeze bottles of a thick brown oil, started covering each other, and then using their bottles, started rubbing themselves all over Ken

She was getting so hot watching them use themselves on him, that she started working the thick toy into her own wet hole.

After about 20 minutes, all three were soaked in the oil and she had cum twice on the toy … now for some more fun !

One got into a chair, tilted it back so her open pussy was up at the one end, and them raised it up under his face till it his face was buried in it!

By the looks of his head and her face, he was busy eating her out. Oh how she wished she was eating her like that also !

The other gal was at the other end running a stream of oil down his ass, and down his cock .. and she started milking it slowly … oh god he was hard!

Cass watched as she reached over and grabbed what looked like a dildo with a tube at one end. It was a dildo and the tube lead to a container of warm oil … as she turned on the sound to listen … she heard.

“Oh Daddy … eat me Daddy .. you are so bad … you need to be punished Daddy … and my little sister has just the thing !”

Cass watched and listened … as Ken moaned and begged .. as the thick dildo was worked up his ass … and started filling it with oil. In and out it went … opening his hole … the oil gleaming on it .. his ass cheeks clenching as it was all buried in him.

Ken was moaning and begging but still the oil pumped in … till she pulled the dildo out … and a thick stream poured out … down his balls … and his cock … and she slide under him … taking him in her mouth … as the oil covered her face.

Cass had both hands around the dildo fucking herself as she watched the girl go down, sucking his cock as the oil covered her face as it ran out of his ass !

“OH fuck Daddy … u like her eating that oily cock like that .. you want her to fill your ass again? She likes Daddy cock , we both do!”

Cass could hear him moan …”God yes”

Cass bent the dildo over… and into her ass … and pushed them both in deep … and watched as she again filled his ass with the dildo, filling him again with oil.

The door opened and a tall 6’ black kid came in … and she watched as he oiled up his cock .. it was so long .. and thick … and black ! He had both hands around it .. it was shiny and black .. and so thick !

“You want my little sister to work on your cock again … suck it as you pump oil all over her … and you eat your babies pussy??”

“I want both of you little sluts … doing me … now !”

Cass turned the volume up and listened … as the dildo was pulled out .. and replaced with a thick piece of black meat ! He put his hands on Kens hips and slowly fed him the whole thing. He and Ken started moaning in unison as the ass fucking started.

Cass opened the door … and pulled the chair back, taking her place and putting her wet box up for him to eat …

“I think Daddy is getting a good ass fucking … and I know your little girl wants to swallow a hot load … so give it to her !”

The force of Ken cumming, him sucking down on her clit .. caused her to cum so hard she passed out !


Ken awoke to a bright light in his face and a strong hand around his throat …

“We goin’ to do this hard ..or easy?” said a voice behind the light.

Ken could only choke out ….”what?”

The hand tightened .. “Want what’s in your safe, want it now .. or else !”

He could now see other people in the dark room … at least 3 other shapes.. what would they do? .. and no way he could let them have what was in the safe!



“Good … we wanted to do this the HARD way anyways ! Go get her !”

Oh lord not Cathi ! Ken could only listen as he heard them wake her in her room … her yelling .. then her being lead into the room. Her hands were tied behind her, she was in her short silky jogging shorts and a tight tee shirt with her braless breasts outlined clearly !

“Whats happening ! Oh Daddy .. help !” Cathi screamed as two of the three guys holding her … started stripping her … and he watched as her naked breasts appeared .. along with a very bare shaved pussy!

“Unless u want us to continue .. u better talk !”

“I can’t !!!”

“Fine .. Sam .. lets tie him to the foot of the bed !

They grabbed Ken .. and holding him against the footboard, tied his hands back to it , and spreading his legs, a leg to each end. There he was .. tied and spread .. and watching them working on his daughter !

One each had a nipple in their mouths … sucking and chewing .. while the third was between her legs .. spread eating her … and as he watched .. they slowly stripped … all three were hung and hard !

“Oh Daddy … help … oh god … no ! Make them stop … of god daddy … help me ! I don’t ….. want ….. to ….. cum ! ….. OH GOD !!! “

Ken watched as Cathi started cumming … and hard … over and over .. his baby … oh god … being eaten and sucked … !

“Unless u want us to continue .. u better talk !”

“I can’t !!!”
“Fine .. Sam .. lets get her on the bed !

Ken watched as they got her across the bed, untied her hands, then on all fours… and as one guided her head down onto his thick meat .. the other lined up his fuck stick with her pussy … buried it all right in.

Slowly they started working her back and forth … harder and harder .. and slowly a moan started … getting louder and louder … till it was apparent his baby was cumming and cumming from the fucking …

“that’s it … cum for us .. daddy will not tell us what we want … and looks like daddy’s hard cock says he likes watching his baby getting double fucked “

He watched as she slowly her head turned … looked down at his cock, already soaked the front of his shorts … and started cumming harder !

“Hey … turn her around … I want her on top of me !”

At that one of them laid on the bed … his head right up against the side of Kens thigh … and Cathi was lifted onto his cock .. and bent forward … till her face was inches from her daddy’s cock …

Ken watched as her mouth opened … and nothing came out … till a LONG moan started … as the second one started feeding his cock up her ass !

“Oh God !. Oh God !. Oh God !. Oh God !. Oh God !. Oh God !.” Cathi was panting and moaning like a little train being pushed hard up a big hill …

“Hey baby, u want some cock to suck?” asked the third one ….


Grabbing her head, he pulled Ken’s shorts down … and she took him right down to his balls …
“Oh baby …. Suck daddy’s hard cock ... suck it good baby !!”

As he pumped her mouth full of his cum .. all he could think was ..

“It was worth every penny to pay these guys to break in !!”

As the last of his load was swallowed, Ken watched as Cathi kept on sucking her daddy’s cock … and slowly it hardened again … and now it was Ken’s turn to start moaning

“Oh baby … take it ALL .. oh god .. suck baby … suck Daddy’s hard cock … that’s it … oh Godddddddddd … look at me baby … Daddy wants you to watch me … moan ! FUUUUCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKK ….”

Cathi was eating his cock like a staving women … and all the while two thick cocks were getting covered in her cream as they fucked her raw !

“Looks like the little slut is all worked up for some Daddy cock .. I think I would like watching that !” said Sam as he pulled Cathi’s head off his cock … her moaning … No ! No! as he did.

“Tie him to the bed .. that’s right .. his hands to the head board … now his legs over his shoulders … I want his cock sticking straight up … good .. lift her up … set her on it … DAMM ..look at her take that .. see wants that cock for sure !

Kens hard cock was as deep into his baby’s pussy as it would go … and she was riding him like she had never been fucked before … driving it as deep as she could … her hand between her legs … pulling her clit … and her other hand a nipple

“Fuck me Daddy … OH GOD .. fuck me … cum in me … knock me up … I want u to fucking CUM !!!”

Ken’s cock was ROCK hard … and the harder she rode it .. the harder it was … and he could feel her cream running down over his stomach as she was cumming and cumming !

Suddenly Ken felt a hand turn his head and before he could say a work … a thick cock filled his mouth

“Here’s a taste of her pussy for you man … clean it good … that’s right .. man he’s sucking it good … think he likes her pussy on it .. and maybe the cock also !”

Cathi looked down to watch Daddy getting feed the same cock that had just been fucking her .. and daddy was taking it all ! She had to lean down … and help her Daddy … and her lips met his as the cock slide in … and Daddy started to moan !

Cathi could not see … but Ken was moaning as a cock was slowly being feed into his ass … and then Cathi felt two strong arms go around her … finding her nipples … and as he started pulling them … he started pumping Kens ass ..

And he whispered in her ear …

“Daddy paid us to break in … fuck you … feed u his cock … have u fuck him … we figured you would like watching him getting it as u get it … want us to stop ??”

“NEVER!” she screamed as she came …
“Don’t …. Stop ….. fucking …….us…..!”

Just what they wanted ..

Ken and Cass had decided to get away for the weekend and were at their favorite hotel having some drinks before heading upstairs. They were at a fairly secluded back booth and Ken had guided her head down to his waiting cock and she was busy working on it.
“That’s it babe … take it all … better keep that head down … or our waitress will know what you are having for dessert !”

Ken reached down and slowly pulled her dress up over her ass .. exposing her .. showing her off along with the tiny thong she had on.

Cass could feel the cool air on her hot pussy … and reached between her legs … to find her hard clit to play with. God she was soaked !!

Looking to his right, Ken could see a table with two couples watching them. Knowing this just made him harder !

“God you are being watched ! Pull your thong aside .. show them that shaved wet pussy of yours”

Cass could feel herself cumming as she showed them what a slut she was !

“Lets get out of here .. I want u upstairs … I’m ready to fuck u !” said Ken as they slid out and headed upstairs.

Just as they got to their room, and where about to enter, the two couples came around the corner.

“Hey there … we enjoyed the show .. the girls would love to see more !” said the tall one.

“Thanks”, replied Ken, “But I think we are done for the evening”

“We don’t” said the shorter one as they pushed Ken and Cass into the room, using their tie’s to bind their hands behind them.

“Strip them both “ one of the girls said …”I want to watch you two boys have a good time, and know Suzy and I want to !”

Cass and Ken struggled, but not very hard, as both were looking forward to this happening. Cass could hardly wait for two cocks at once and Ken was looking forward to the two gals as he watched them stripping also.

Quickly they were all naked … both guys sporting hard cocks … the tall guy had to have a good 8” one .. while both gals were shaved and the one had a whole row of piercings.

As Cass laid on the bed .. she was already spreading her legs ..looking forward to her fucking …

“You know boys” said Suzy as she reached out and ran her fingers thru Cass’s wetness … “She looks all ready for your cocks … I guess we will have to disappoint her for a bit.”

At that, Suzy got on the bed and sat down on her face … feeding her some pussy. The other gal bent her legs up and got between them .. and attacked her pussy like she was starving …

Within a minute the sounds of Cass cumming and cumming filled the room …along with Suzy cumming all over her face !

“Man .. look how hard his cock is … loves watching his women servicing our two … his cock is leaking cum just watching !”

Suzy turned and smiled “She is one GOOD pussy hound . she is really eating me out … You know what I LOVE watching .. so get going !”

At that, the two guys turned toward Ken, and as one started on his cock … the other got over Ken’s face and started feeding him his cock …

“Oh yes ! He is sucking me HARD … looks like he was looking for some cock … !”

The room was now filled with the sound of sucking .. until it was replaced with the sounds of fucking … as the one girl started fisting Cass .. and Ken was getting ass fucked !

Was a LONG evening as they both got used over and over !

Hi Daddy

This is an email from a playmate that likes roleplaying she is my daughter ... and daddy is fucking her !
Hi Daddy!!

Just dropping you a short note because I can and to tell you how very horny I am. Just sitting here to write this I can feel my pussy throbbing and it hasn't been taken care of in sooo long!

I was home sick today, but even a cold doesn't keep me from thinking of how badly I need to be fucked, so I took a nice cool shower and got in bed naked with my favorite glass dildo.

I love my glass dildos because they make my pussy wet just looking at them, and they slip in with absolutely no lube.I pushed it all inside me Daddy, it's a G-spot dildo, short and fat at the head and closed my legs around it, moving only my hips to make it touch me just right.

First I push it and pull it out slowly, moving it over that sweet spot over and over, then close my legs again while I grind my hips. Then I turned over Daddy, so my ass was in the air, like it will be when I beg you to fuck it for me, and I ground myself that way for a long time.

It feels so good Daddy, the fat head of the dildo touching me just right as I grip the pillows and try to be quiet. By this time my poor aching cunt is soaked, my juicy pussy leaking all over my thighs, hands and wetting my whole pussy, the dildo makes such delicious sounds when I am this wet and that is when I wished I could have called you Daddy, because after fifteen minutes of playing with myself I was so ready to cum Daddy.

I turned over finally and began to fuck myself faster with the dildo, wishing someone was fucking me hard and fast and I began to cum so hard, struggling to keep silent as my orgasms came fast and hard, my juices running down my thighs as my pussy pulsed and contracted on the dildo until it almost hurt.

Ohhhhh Daddy I need you to kiss it and make it all better, it is aching again and I don't think I will be able to have another session like that any time soon.I want to call you someday when I am alone and ready to cum, tell me you would like that Daddy.....My pussy is soaked thinking of shoving a different dildo inside me and fucking myself until I cry, Daddy.

I hope you think of me when you slip your hand around your cock next time and pump out a big load of hot cum for your lil girl.I'm wet now and I'm going to try to get off before bed again, sweet dreams Daddy.....

Late at night ...

It was late, very late, almost 1am and Cass was just getting home from a business trip. She was tired, it had been raining, she was in a business suit that was now fairly soaked and she just wanted to get home and into bed.

She opened the front door quietly, lights off, as she knew her daughter would be upstairs asleep.
As she closed the door and turned she suddenly felt a strong hand go around her windpipe from behind and a low voice say “Quiet, u don’t want to wake her do u? Better you than her?” The hand squeezed her tighter and she could only choke out ..”Yessss

She could feel him against the back of her and as he squeezed her a little tighter he said ”Lose the jacket … that’s right .. now rip the top open .. yeah … harder … see the buttons do rip off … how the bra .. pull it down … good .. now hands down to your side !”

Cass felt so exposed … and so wet from the rain .. but also getting strangely wet somewhere else .. oh god ! Here pussy was betraying her !

As his other hand started pulling on first one nipple then the other, Cass started to moan, and felt his hand tighter …”Be quiet” … but this just made it worse .. as he excited her … she tried to focus on being quiet … but than her hand betrayed her … and she found it touching herself .. so wet !

She could not stop moaning deep in her throat … the more he squeezed her neck .. the harder she rubbed her clit ,, oh god … so close !

“STOP” he said .. “in my pocket .. is a thick dildo … I want you to suck on it .. get it wet … and then use it”

She reached around .. oh GOD .. it was thick … so long … and as she opened and started sucking it .. she could taste the tangy pussy juice that was on it … and could only force more of it !

“Suck it good … yeah clean it good .. that nice and tasty?… I bet it is ! I knew u would love it … found it in your daughters room”

She started cumming … and sucking all at the same time .. was her daughters ! OH GOD … how could she … and she could not stop !

Reaching a hand down, he grabbed her left leg and pulled it up tight to her .. opening her wide …

“Use it ! Fuck yourself … that’s right … both hands … deeper … all the way … better do it good .. or I will take it upstairs … and use it on her “

Cass was on fire … one wave after another hit … she had never used anything this big and with each thrust worked it deeper and deeper till it was totally buried inside … and she was on one continues cum !

Dropping her leg … she felt him let go and reach down pulling her pants back on .. and trapping the dildo deep inside her …

“Get on all fours “

His hands in her hair .. she felt his hardness against her face … then it was out .. so hard hot … and she hungrily took all of it her mouth .. and as he started using her head to fuck his cock .. each stroke backed her up .. till she was against the post of the stair railing … and then pushing against the crotch of her pants … and forcing the dildo deeper !

“Its fuck time … u get to fuck yourself and me … that’s it … harder … faster … bury that deep !”

With every thrust forward she went to his balls … and every one backwards … she found a new place the dildo had not reached before .. harder and harder she pounded the post ,.. fucking herself … till she started getting the load of cum she so now wanted !!!

She always knew Ken coming to do this to her would be something she could hardly describe!


Cass was on overload ! It had all happened so fast and now … they were just fucking the hell out of her … and she had totally let herself go … she knew just how depraved this had to look … and she never wanted it to stop !

It had started with her in the backyard directing some tree cutting and one of the guys had gone inside to use the restroom.

He had seen her computer on as he walked by and discovered the erotic stories she was reading … all about gangbangs and being forced.

As soon as he had returned he let the other two know without her knowing. About 15 minutes later they finished and she went inside to pay them.

Next thing she knew they we all over her, stripping her …feeding her face with a cock … eating her pussy … eating her ass …

She had struggled at first, yelling and screaming … but once they had a cock buried at both ends and a face between her legs … Cass stopped fight and started cumming.

“Damm u should feel her working on my cock … she must be starved for cock .. and with the stuff she was reading … this is just what she wants !” said the guy in her mouth.

“That’s nothing ! U should see all my black cock she is taking … right to the root. She is milking it as she cums on it … damm .. she is cumming again … her juice is running right down her legs. Tommy, u drowning under her?”

“Jesus, everytime she cums … her clit gets harder and longer .. has to be a good inch and a half ! The bitch is on fire … lets turn her over and really fuck her !”

Cass felt so empty as they stopped and rolled her over.
First she felt the cock against her mouth … and opened and started sucking like someone who had not eaten in months !

“That’s it … suck .. chew it … I bet u want some more cock too ! Yeeh boys .. she wants more … lets she how she like two stiff cocks up that tight pussy .. that’s right .. both together .. tease her … look at her .. she has her legs spread wide as possible …begging for it .. ok .. that’s it … slowly … both together … Jesus .. she looks stuffed … all the way in … that’s it … fuck she is full of cock now !”

Cass could only cum and cum … as they fucked her with all three cocks .. and pulled on her stiff clit !

So sweet .. tasting !

I had been chatting with her online for a few weeks and we finally got together this weekend.
Sami was a cute little blond and one hot kisser !
We started with sucking the others tongues till she had me almost naked ... and sucking on my hard cock ... and boy could she suck !! She had me moaning and begging in no time.

Then I pulled her panties aside ... and found she had a hard cock all ready and waiting to be sucked. Before I could say anything, she pushed it right into my waiting mouth .. and started doing my face as she worked on me ..

Before long I got a load of her sweet cum .. and she kept on pumping as I sucked her back to hardness ... good she tasted good !

"I think you liked this way to much Ken, u are rock hard, I think maybe I should see if you want Sami to do you from behind?"
All I could do was moan "God yes, I want that deep in my ass dear"

Getting on all fours, I had her get behind me ... and slide it up my ass .. and start pumping as she pulled on my cock ...

"That's it baby, let Sami make u cum ... and I want u to feel me pumping as u do ..."

Daughters new cell phone

Got her a new cell last week and found it sitting on the table.

Was nosy so started looking at her photos on it.

They were the usual pics of face and people til I got to some of her at a party.

They were taken by someone else as they showed her dancing between two guys .. and by her face .. she was totally wasted !

Each new pic showed her being touched .. and slowly stripped.

First her blouse .. then her bra .. and watched as each started sucking her nipples ... I was mad .. and rock hard looking !

Then the skirt ... and panties ... and was soon between two of them as they were naked also ..

Pics showed my baby getting fucked .. and but good ! Each came on her face once .. and she went back to getting them hard again.

By now I was naked and working on my cock .. like she was theirs !!

Then I came to this pic .. and started to shoot ... was cumming so hard !!

The caption was "This slut kept saying .. "Fuck me daddy" ... the whole time ... we hope her Daddy finds these !"

Out at lunch time today

Had decided to stop on the way back from some meetings and grab a bite.
Stopped at a local sub shop and as I waited, started chatting with a nicely dressed women about 45-50. Her name was Carol and somehow we got on the topic of the size of the sub and she said that 6" was nice but gone too fast. I said maybe you are doing it wrong !
She laughed and said if I wanted, maybe I should show her how 6" got used correctly. I said where and when ! She laughed .. said .. "well I live about 2 minutes from here" ... I said ... "lets go" ... she laughed again ... "I have never done anything like that before" ... I said "that is why your 6" is gone so fast."
We got our subs and walked out ... and as she got to her car .. turned and said ... "I will drive slow so u can follow" ... so we started out, thinking she was kidding but soon pulled into a nice house.
We got out and walked to the front door. She turned and said ... "I want you, as soon as we get inside ... to strip me ... rip my dress and clothes off ... and I want you to make sure ... I get all of u .. everywhere" ... she pushed the door open and I followed.

What followed was pushing and pulling on her ... ripped her dress open ... and then pulled it over her head .. trapping her arms .. as I pulled her panties off .. and exposed her very wet pussy ... I proceeded to eat her as my fingers found her ass ... she was yelling and fighting .. but was also SOAKING wet !

I pulled off her bra, rolled her over, tied her hands and stripped .... and then mounted her face ... and started fucking it ... I was so HARD !

I then spun around so I could eat her as she eat my cock ... I then started eating her ass ... and she was moaning .. "oh god ... oh god" ... so pulling out ... I slide my ass down to her face ... told her to tongue it as I eat hers ... she went wild ...

Ended up standing her up ... leading her into the living room ... and bent her over the end of the couch ...

Asked her what she did for a living ... "loan officer at a bank" .. was a VP ...

Said ... "u ever been fucked on the end of your couch" ... "god no" .. she wailed as I plugged her ... I asked if her husband did her like this ... she just started cumming ... then I pulled out ... and started rubbing my cock on her ass hole ... "oh god no ... I have never ... done that" ... I said .. "u will have now" ... and started pushing ... slowly she opened ... till my head went it ... then I pulled it out ... and worked it in .. in and out .. just the head .. over and over ... till I had 2" in, then 3", then more ... slowly getting more in ... so tight ... till I was up to her ass ... Then reaching down untied her ... she was naked and stuck on my cock ..

"Well?" I said ...

"Fuck me" .. she said

Putting my arms around her ... I started fucking her ass

"Bet hubby would cum watching u take this ... maybe u would like watching him squirt seeing u like this ..." she started cumming ...

"Maybe hubby should be getting this as U watch?"

Carol was cumming and cumming ... as I came in her tight ass !

As I was leaving, she said she would love doing this again ... still hard again thinking about it !!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

FFF for June 11, 2010 - "Hidden Wants"

Sam and I had heard tales about her place, some said she was a witch, some a sorceress.

Either was possible, all I knew was that Sam had agreed to drink the potion, and would be next.

I watched, as Sam became young again, so filled with lust. The sounds of rapture, of them joining, of her pleading for him to fuck her harder, deeper.
On all fours, her eyes found mine as she begged for his thick cock deep up her ass. He took her over and over till she was spent, him holding her.

I wanted to do what Sam had done, become young, change into that young women, be taken.

Friday, June 4, 2010

FFF for June 4, 2010

She was the vessel of his lust
Being used as he watched
Six strong men. Hard with passion

Taking her
Filling her
Their cream filling the vessel
Till her cream mixed with theirs

He untied her, her cunt red and angry
Her eyes on fire, knowing how he lusted for her

She watched his face go between her legs
Eating her, drinking from the vessel

At the end, she was empty
And he made her look at how empty it was