Friday, June 4, 2010

FFF for June 4, 2010

She was the vessel of his lust
Being used as he watched
Six strong men. Hard with passion

Taking her
Filling her
Their cream filling the vessel
Till her cream mixed with theirs

He untied her, her cunt red and angry
Her eyes on fire, knowing how he lusted for her

She watched his face go between her legs
Eating her, drinking from the vessel

At the end, she was empty
And he made her look at how empty it was


  1. Using his vassal as a vessel... Reminds me of some Asian Bukkake videos I have seen... *laughs*

    Happy Friday.

  2. !! for vessels of lust. Nice piece, you!

  3. She does look like an urn, doesn't she? Ode to a Grecian Lust Urn. Too bad he had to empty her completely; it's polite to leave the dregs as a sign that you are completely sated. That, at least, is what I always tell people.