Monday, June 14, 2010

Revenge can be fun !

Amy was sick and tired of Joan.

She had known her for about 10 years and totally was fed up with her. She had first met Joan when their daughters where in kindergarten and now 10 years later was just sick and tired of her actions. The last straw had been when Joan’s daughter made captain of the field hockey team. Her daughter, Diane, had been all country the year before and had expected to be elected but Joan as always “bribed” the way for her daughter Terri to be made captain.

Joan was short and sassy with the best body money could buy. She was 5’-5”, 38C and with a super nice ass. Her daughter Terri was just as nice and loved showing off her tits to the boys and in general mocking Diane, who was cute but nowhere as built.

Amy was always thinking that Joan needed to be taken down about 10 notches and had been trying to think of a way. She had an old friend, Ken who was good at coming up with kinky erotic ideas for stories for her and figured maybe he could help.

“Let me think about it and when I am ready will let you know” said Ken after hearing what she was after.

A week went by when the phone rang.

Ok, I have things set, at noon tomorrow be at your computer and I will message you”

Amy could hardly wait for the appointed time to arrive and was at her computer an hour early wondering what was going to happen”

“You have mail” said the computer finally!

She opened her mail and it was a message from Ken

“This is special for you sweetheart, its payback time for Joan and her Daughter!”
Below was a link and as her video file started it was a live feed from a hand held camera.
She watched it pan across Joan’s backyard and finally settled on Ken and 3 other guys all dressed in black. They all had large duffel bags with them.

“Well Dear, sit back and get ready to watch Joan get put thru the paces along with that slut daughter of hers!”

As Amy watched, they entered the downstairs backdoor and quickly found Joan and her daughter, overpowering them, gagging them and tying their hands behind their backs.

Joan was in a spandex workout attire, that showed off her tight ass and very large tits. Amy could see that although she was pissed at being tied up, both nipples were rock hard and sticking straight out !

Amy was already wet and spread, one of her favorite thick dildo’s already sliding in and out of her pussy just knowing this was going to be hot to watch knowing her Ken !

The camera was on a table across the room giving her a full view. She could see one of them holding Diane and another Joan as the rest were busy building something on the floor, actually looked like two things. As she watched they assembled something that looked like a barrel with a thick dildo sticking out the top. At seeing that she knew what it was, a sybian, a vibrating fuck machine that she hoped would soon claim them both.

As Amy watched, the four guys stripped till they were wearing only their masks, and each sporting hardon’s knowing what was going to happen.

While one held Joan from behind, the other two attacked her tits, chewing and licking them thru her top while their hands slipped under her outfit finding two wet and waiting holes.

Amy watched as for the next 15 minutes Joan throw her head back and forth as they sucked and chewed her nipples, pulling them with their teeth as far as possible out. Their hands were busy playing with her shaved pussy and ass. Amy came twice as she watched Joan cum, screaming into her gag !

On the couch in the back, she could see Diane, sitting on one of their laps, his hard cock buried in her teenage pussy as he pulled her back by her nipples against him. Between her spread legs, the other guy was busy eating her pussy and clit, as the other guys cock slowly fucked her. She watched as they untied her gag.

“Fuck me you bastards, fuck me harder, oh fuck I am cummmmming again !!! “ Diane wailed as the two of them fucked her. Amy watched as they turned her around still impaled on one of the cock. Amy had both hands around her own fuck stick, working her hole over wishing it was her there!

She watched as Joan was forced down onto the fuck machine, about 2 feet from her daughter, with a ring side seat to watch her cumming.

She watched as Joan’s gag was pulled !

“Leave her alone, ahhhhhhhhhhh, get off her you fuckers, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, stop fucking her, oh my god, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” Joan wailed as the thick vibrating cock started to work her over. Ken had found a 10” one that was buried deep into Joan further than any cock had ever fucked her.

Amy laid back, legs up, reaching over found a HUGE cuke she had grabbed, and placing it at her hole, worked it in, deeper and deeper as she watched them get taken.

On the couch, Diane was busy being double fucked, with a cock in both of her holes. She not only liked being fucked she liked it rough. The two of them were slapping her ass and tits as they fucked her. Her sixteen year old ass was getting reamed and spread wide.

On the fuck machine Joan was going wild. Not only was it fucking her hole but Ken had placed clothes pins on both nipples. Amy watched as he used them to pull on them, as hard as he could. Joan was swearing, and cumming at the same time.

Ken then held up a metal rod and Amy came again, watching as her ran it over her wet pussy and clit and watched it shock her with an arc of electricity. It was a hand held cattle prod and Joan would come right up off the dildo only to come right back down on it and cum again.
Over and over he did her till she was begging, begging for it !

“My clit, my clit ,,, oh FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK., again, again !!! “ Joan streaked as the juice arced from it to her clit.

Walking behind her, and bending her forward he slide it up her ass and pulling her back, buried all 6” of it up her ass ! Joan was going wild as it shocked her over and over ! Amy watched as she started to piss she was coming so much and then the stick fell out of her ass.

Joan and Diane were both exhausted and spent, with about a thousand frames of footage watching them cum !

“Ding dong”

It was the doorbell!

Amy watched as two of them left, and about a minute later were dragging in a girl with a hood over her head. It had to be who was at the door!

She watched as they pulled her pants off and then brought Diane over and forced her between her legs. Diane quickly dived in and eating the girl, had her cumming on her face. Amy wished it was her they were eating, as she often thought about getting some young pussy like that.

Amy watched as the moaning girls hood was pulled off ! It was Terri, her daughter !

“Eat me u bitch, about time some made you, its always me who has to eat the two of you ! “ yelled Terri as Ken held Diane head down.

Amy knew now she REALLY wished she was there ! The idea of those two young girls, one her daughter, tongues working on her ass and pussy pushed her over the edge and she buried the thick cuke in right to the stem !

As she watched, Ken untied Diane and her mother and then dragged Terri to the sybian, where Terri was placed on it to ride. Joan and Diane were only too happy to attack her waiting tits and ass!

Amy watched as the two of them worked her baby over and could not stop cumming watching what they did to her !

As the two women used clamps and strap-ons on Terri, Amy watched what was happening to Ken.

The three guys had Ken between them, with a cock up his ass and one in his mouth while the third was busy sucking him off. Amy knew how much he would be loving that !!!

Leaving the cuke up her pussy, Amy slipped on panties, jeans and a top, and headed to Joan’s
She could already imagine what would happen when she rang the doorbell .. and was invited in !

Revenge can be fun !

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