Monday, June 14, 2010

Black meat

Been having work done at the house last feel weeks and have had some siding work done.

Tim had been at the house twice to work and stopped again yesterday to finish a small section

Tim is about 25, black, good looking guy.

I was in the computer room on the laptop, adding pics to the site, had my sweats down ... stroking as I uploaded.

Happened to catch the reflection of the window behind me in the screen .. and saw Tim at the window looking in. I keep typing but watching that he keep looking in .. decided if he wanted to watch .. would show him some more *smile*

I leaned back ... in the chair and slowly .. turned it so I was facing the window ... my eyes closed .. head back ... and talked loud enough so he could hear me .. as I worked on my stiff cock ... making sure to spread my legs so he could see all of my cock and balls

"Thats it .. suck me .. thats better than paying you ... bet you like my white cock .. don't you .. oh yes .. suck it ... want to give you my cream ... u want to fuck my face ... good .. want your black meat also"

I was SO hard .. knowing he could see me ...

Then I heard ... him at the doorway ..

'I'm ready for that cream you promised !"

Looking up ... he was walking into the computer room .. no shirt .. no pants ... hard ... and went right down and took all of me into his mouth .. as he started sucking me ... he slowly pulled me to the floor ... and ended up with his black meat over my face .. and then into my mouth ... there I was pinned to the floor .. taking all of his cock as worked on mine

Was just minutes later ... we both gave the other a load of cream ....

God ..just came again thinking about it ...

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