Monday, June 14, 2010


Ken awoke to a bright light in his face and a strong hand around his throat …

“We goin’ to do this hard ..or easy?” said a voice behind the light.

Ken could only choke out ….”what?”

The hand tightened .. “Want what’s in your safe, want it now .. or else !”

He could now see other people in the dark room … at least 3 other shapes.. what would they do? .. and no way he could let them have what was in the safe!



“Good … we wanted to do this the HARD way anyways ! Go get her !”

Oh lord not Cathi ! Ken could only listen as he heard them wake her in her room … her yelling .. then her being lead into the room. Her hands were tied behind her, she was in her short silky jogging shorts and a tight tee shirt with her braless breasts outlined clearly !

“Whats happening ! Oh Daddy .. help !” Cathi screamed as two of the three guys holding her … started stripping her … and he watched as her naked breasts appeared .. along with a very bare shaved pussy!

“Unless u want us to continue .. u better talk !”

“I can’t !!!”

“Fine .. Sam .. lets tie him to the foot of the bed !

They grabbed Ken .. and holding him against the footboard, tied his hands back to it , and spreading his legs, a leg to each end. There he was .. tied and spread .. and watching them working on his daughter !

One each had a nipple in their mouths … sucking and chewing .. while the third was between her legs .. spread eating her … and as he watched .. they slowly stripped … all three were hung and hard !

“Oh Daddy … help … oh god … no ! Make them stop … of god daddy … help me ! I don’t ….. want ….. to ….. cum ! ….. OH GOD !!! “

Ken watched as Cathi started cumming … and hard … over and over .. his baby … oh god … being eaten and sucked … !

“Unless u want us to continue .. u better talk !”

“I can’t !!!”
“Fine .. Sam .. lets get her on the bed !

Ken watched as they got her across the bed, untied her hands, then on all fours… and as one guided her head down onto his thick meat .. the other lined up his fuck stick with her pussy … buried it all right in.

Slowly they started working her back and forth … harder and harder .. and slowly a moan started … getting louder and louder … till it was apparent his baby was cumming and cumming from the fucking …

“that’s it … cum for us .. daddy will not tell us what we want … and looks like daddy’s hard cock says he likes watching his baby getting double fucked “

He watched as she slowly her head turned … looked down at his cock, already soaked the front of his shorts … and started cumming harder !

“Hey … turn her around … I want her on top of me !”

At that one of them laid on the bed … his head right up against the side of Kens thigh … and Cathi was lifted onto his cock .. and bent forward … till her face was inches from her daddy’s cock …

Ken watched as her mouth opened … and nothing came out … till a LONG moan started … as the second one started feeding his cock up her ass !

“Oh God !. Oh God !. Oh God !. Oh God !. Oh God !. Oh God !.” Cathi was panting and moaning like a little train being pushed hard up a big hill …

“Hey baby, u want some cock to suck?” asked the third one ….


Grabbing her head, he pulled Ken’s shorts down … and she took him right down to his balls …
“Oh baby …. Suck daddy’s hard cock ... suck it good baby !!”

As he pumped her mouth full of his cum .. all he could think was ..

“It was worth every penny to pay these guys to break in !!”

As the last of his load was swallowed, Ken watched as Cathi kept on sucking her daddy’s cock … and slowly it hardened again … and now it was Ken’s turn to start moaning

“Oh baby … take it ALL .. oh god .. suck baby … suck Daddy’s hard cock … that’s it … oh Godddddddddd … look at me baby … Daddy wants you to watch me … moan ! FUUUUCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKK ….”

Cathi was eating his cock like a staving women … and all the while two thick cocks were getting covered in her cream as they fucked her raw !

“Looks like the little slut is all worked up for some Daddy cock .. I think I would like watching that !” said Sam as he pulled Cathi’s head off his cock … her moaning … No ! No! as he did.

“Tie him to the bed .. that’s right .. his hands to the head board … now his legs over his shoulders … I want his cock sticking straight up … good .. lift her up … set her on it … DAMM ..look at her take that .. see wants that cock for sure !

Kens hard cock was as deep into his baby’s pussy as it would go … and she was riding him like she had never been fucked before … driving it as deep as she could … her hand between her legs … pulling her clit … and her other hand a nipple

“Fuck me Daddy … OH GOD .. fuck me … cum in me … knock me up … I want u to fucking CUM !!!”

Ken’s cock was ROCK hard … and the harder she rode it .. the harder it was … and he could feel her cream running down over his stomach as she was cumming and cumming !

Suddenly Ken felt a hand turn his head and before he could say a work … a thick cock filled his mouth

“Here’s a taste of her pussy for you man … clean it good … that’s right .. man he’s sucking it good … think he likes her pussy on it .. and maybe the cock also !”

Cathi looked down to watch Daddy getting feed the same cock that had just been fucking her .. and daddy was taking it all ! She had to lean down … and help her Daddy … and her lips met his as the cock slide in … and Daddy started to moan !

Cathi could not see … but Ken was moaning as a cock was slowly being feed into his ass … and then Cathi felt two strong arms go around her … finding her nipples … and as he started pulling them … he started pumping Kens ass ..

And he whispered in her ear …

“Daddy paid us to break in … fuck you … feed u his cock … have u fuck him … we figured you would like watching him getting it as u get it … want us to stop ??”

“NEVER!” she screamed as she came …
“Don’t …. Stop ….. fucking …….us…..!”

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