Monday, June 14, 2010

Winner gets fucked

Janet knew that both Todd and Jamie would do anything she wanted just for the chance to get her in bed. She had wondered how far they would go and decided to find out.

"Alright, I will give u both a chance to fuck me but you will have to do as I saw. U willing to?"
Sure they both replied ...

"Ok, here is the deal ... I will pick a number, the closest gets to eat me as the other fucks his ass as I watch"

Both looked shocked but were both willing to take a chance to eat her pussy !

They both guessed and Jamie won ... to eat her ... and she watched them strip ... and as Jamie got his face down and started eating her ... she watched Paul getting hard ... stroking ... and worked his cock up and down Jamie's crack ... she could hear him moaning .. and then reach back ... to pull his cheeks apart ... she started cumming as she watched him take it all ... and Paul reached down to start milking his cock ... She lifted Jamie's head ... “want him to stop???”

"Fuck no .. fuck me Paul ... oh god fuck me !!

She knew she would be enjoying having the two of them eating her ... and watching them fuck !

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