Monday, June 14, 2010

Daughters new cell phone

Got her a new cell last week and found it sitting on the table.

Was nosy so started looking at her photos on it.

They were the usual pics of face and people til I got to some of her at a party.

They were taken by someone else as they showed her dancing between two guys .. and by her face .. she was totally wasted !

Each new pic showed her being touched .. and slowly stripped.

First her blouse .. then her bra .. and watched as each started sucking her nipples ... I was mad .. and rock hard looking !

Then the skirt ... and panties ... and was soon between two of them as they were naked also ..

Pics showed my baby getting fucked .. and but good ! Each came on her face once .. and she went back to getting them hard again.

By now I was naked and working on my cock .. like she was theirs !!

Then I came to this pic .. and started to shoot ... was cumming so hard !!

The caption was "This slut kept saying .. "Fuck me daddy" ... the whole time ... we hope her Daddy finds these !"

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