Monday, June 14, 2010

Hi Daddy

This is an email from a playmate that likes roleplaying she is my daughter ... and daddy is fucking her !
Hi Daddy!!

Just dropping you a short note because I can and to tell you how very horny I am. Just sitting here to write this I can feel my pussy throbbing and it hasn't been taken care of in sooo long!

I was home sick today, but even a cold doesn't keep me from thinking of how badly I need to be fucked, so I took a nice cool shower and got in bed naked with my favorite glass dildo.

I love my glass dildos because they make my pussy wet just looking at them, and they slip in with absolutely no lube.I pushed it all inside me Daddy, it's a G-spot dildo, short and fat at the head and closed my legs around it, moving only my hips to make it touch me just right.

First I push it and pull it out slowly, moving it over that sweet spot over and over, then close my legs again while I grind my hips. Then I turned over Daddy, so my ass was in the air, like it will be when I beg you to fuck it for me, and I ground myself that way for a long time.

It feels so good Daddy, the fat head of the dildo touching me just right as I grip the pillows and try to be quiet. By this time my poor aching cunt is soaked, my juicy pussy leaking all over my thighs, hands and wetting my whole pussy, the dildo makes such delicious sounds when I am this wet and that is when I wished I could have called you Daddy, because after fifteen minutes of playing with myself I was so ready to cum Daddy.

I turned over finally and began to fuck myself faster with the dildo, wishing someone was fucking me hard and fast and I began to cum so hard, struggling to keep silent as my orgasms came fast and hard, my juices running down my thighs as my pussy pulsed and contracted on the dildo until it almost hurt.

Ohhhhh Daddy I need you to kiss it and make it all better, it is aching again and I don't think I will be able to have another session like that any time soon.I want to call you someday when I am alone and ready to cum, tell me you would like that Daddy.....My pussy is soaked thinking of shoving a different dildo inside me and fucking myself until I cry, Daddy.

I hope you think of me when you slip your hand around your cock next time and pump out a big load of hot cum for your lil girl.I'm wet now and I'm going to try to get off before bed again, sweet dreams Daddy.....

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