Monday, June 14, 2010

special massage

Cass watched as Ken was lead in by the two girls for his special massage.

She was behind a two way mirror, sitting in a big over stuffed chair, a leg over either arm, and a long thick double headed dildo in her hands … knowing she would be unable to wait long to use it on herself !

She watched as the two girls, both barely 18, stripped him and then got him naked onto the table. The two got him face down on the table. It was built so his face was in a pocket in it so he was able to look right to the floor. His hands and legs each went into a spot on the table and then each was tied down, his head included. Then the sections of the table were spread apart so that each arm and leg were at 45 degrees. She watched as his legs were spread, till his ass was open before her and his cock and balls were hanging down, hard and full.

The two girls stripped and taking two squeeze bottles of a thick brown oil, started covering each other, and then using their bottles, started rubbing themselves all over Ken

She was getting so hot watching them use themselves on him, that she started working the thick toy into her own wet hole.

After about 20 minutes, all three were soaked in the oil and she had cum twice on the toy … now for some more fun !

One got into a chair, tilted it back so her open pussy was up at the one end, and them raised it up under his face till it his face was buried in it!

By the looks of his head and her face, he was busy eating her out. Oh how she wished she was eating her like that also !

The other gal was at the other end running a stream of oil down his ass, and down his cock .. and she started milking it slowly … oh god he was hard!

Cass watched as she reached over and grabbed what looked like a dildo with a tube at one end. It was a dildo and the tube lead to a container of warm oil … as she turned on the sound to listen … she heard.

“Oh Daddy … eat me Daddy .. you are so bad … you need to be punished Daddy … and my little sister has just the thing !”

Cass watched and listened … as Ken moaned and begged .. as the thick dildo was worked up his ass … and started filling it with oil. In and out it went … opening his hole … the oil gleaming on it .. his ass cheeks clenching as it was all buried in him.

Ken was moaning and begging but still the oil pumped in … till she pulled the dildo out … and a thick stream poured out … down his balls … and his cock … and she slide under him … taking him in her mouth … as the oil covered her face.

Cass had both hands around the dildo fucking herself as she watched the girl go down, sucking his cock as the oil covered her face as it ran out of his ass !

“OH fuck Daddy … u like her eating that oily cock like that .. you want her to fill your ass again? She likes Daddy cock , we both do!”

Cass could hear him moan …”God yes”

Cass bent the dildo over… and into her ass … and pushed them both in deep … and watched as she again filled his ass with the dildo, filling him again with oil.

The door opened and a tall 6’ black kid came in … and she watched as he oiled up his cock .. it was so long .. and thick … and black ! He had both hands around it .. it was shiny and black .. and so thick !

“You want my little sister to work on your cock again … suck it as you pump oil all over her … and you eat your babies pussy??”

“I want both of you little sluts … doing me … now !”

Cass turned the volume up and listened … as the dildo was pulled out .. and replaced with a thick piece of black meat ! He put his hands on Kens hips and slowly fed him the whole thing. He and Ken started moaning in unison as the ass fucking started.

Cass opened the door … and pulled the chair back, taking her place and putting her wet box up for him to eat …

“I think Daddy is getting a good ass fucking … and I know your little girl wants to swallow a hot load … so give it to her !”

The force of Ken cumming, him sucking down on her clit .. caused her to cum so hard she passed out !

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