Monday, June 14, 2010


Cass was on overload ! It had all happened so fast and now … they were just fucking the hell out of her … and she had totally let herself go … she knew just how depraved this had to look … and she never wanted it to stop !

It had started with her in the backyard directing some tree cutting and one of the guys had gone inside to use the restroom.

He had seen her computer on as he walked by and discovered the erotic stories she was reading … all about gangbangs and being forced.

As soon as he had returned he let the other two know without her knowing. About 15 minutes later they finished and she went inside to pay them.

Next thing she knew they we all over her, stripping her …feeding her face with a cock … eating her pussy … eating her ass …

She had struggled at first, yelling and screaming … but once they had a cock buried at both ends and a face between her legs … Cass stopped fight and started cumming.

“Damm u should feel her working on my cock … she must be starved for cock .. and with the stuff she was reading … this is just what she wants !” said the guy in her mouth.

“That’s nothing ! U should see all my black cock she is taking … right to the root. She is milking it as she cums on it … damm .. she is cumming again … her juice is running right down her legs. Tommy, u drowning under her?”

“Jesus, everytime she cums … her clit gets harder and longer .. has to be a good inch and a half ! The bitch is on fire … lets turn her over and really fuck her !”

Cass felt so empty as they stopped and rolled her over.
First she felt the cock against her mouth … and opened and started sucking like someone who had not eaten in months !

“That’s it … suck .. chew it … I bet u want some more cock too ! Yeeh boys .. she wants more … lets she how she like two stiff cocks up that tight pussy .. that’s right .. both together .. tease her … look at her .. she has her legs spread wide as possible …begging for it .. ok .. that’s it … slowly … both together … Jesus .. she looks stuffed … all the way in … that’s it … fuck she is full of cock now !”

Cass could only cum and cum … as they fucked her with all three cocks .. and pulled on her stiff clit !

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