Friday, May 28, 2010

Flash Fiction Friday Challange for 5-28-10

Queen and Her Slave

She had been her slave since birth
Beaten for the smallest infraction
Treated as a possession, never caring if she was fed or bathed
Often on her knees, head bend to the ground, showing everyone who was the master
Till evening arrived

Then she served her mistress
Bathed her
Clothed her
Eat her
Used by her

Over and over … her wetness on her slaves face and fingers
In the hidden chambers of her rooms … the slave was used
All manners of false cocks filled her holes
Her ass taken … used … her moans and screams filling the room

The real Queen in her rightful place … where she belonged
And where no one suspected
Serving her slave

Monday, May 24, 2010

Notes from my Neice Cathi

Uncle Ken

I was so excited to have you visit us this weekend ! You are my FAV uncle and I love SEEING you.

I hope u do not get mad as you read my note as I did something naughty while u were here.

Saturday night after you went to bed I got on your computer and visited your history and found your Yahoo page. I know I should not have but I did. I want you to know I would not tell anyone what I read …or saw !

Oh Uncle … I want YOU to do all those things to me !!!!

I can’t wait to transfer up to college by you in the fall, and have you visit me … and have me do anything u want !

I started reading the blog and was soaked reading about the things u like .. till I got to the one with the pic of her face covered in cum !!!

Uncle ! I could not stop cumming !! I so what you to cum all over my face like that … and then set me on your lap … your hard cock ready to fuck your nieces little pussy … and then make me cum and cum !!

Then I found your pics !

Oh Uncle .. I always thought u had a good sized one but now I have seen just how big ! I want you to teach me how it feels .. everywhere !!!

Attached is a pic I took in my bedroom … I hope u like ..! Let me know …

Your dirty … horny … waiting to be fucked … mouth open .. ready … neice



Uncle Ken

I can't seem to stop reading your blog ... I find myself with my fingers jammed into my pussy .. wishing it was U uncle !

My GF Emma stopped over this week and found me like that ... all spread and wet ... she started reading your blog ... we were very naughty Uncle !

She asked me to send u a pic of her ... its attached ...

She is in the middle ... being eaten .. she wants u behind her like in the pic .. she wants to feel your hard cock against her as u pull on her nipples .. and chew on her neck . while .. watching ... me .. eating her pussy !

She wants you to listen to her cum .. on my face ... and then wants u to get up .. and fuck me .. pushing my face into her ... wants to watch your big Daddy cock open me up ...

What I want to see Uncle .... is for you to flip her over ... and take her ass ... she has never had a cock in her ass ... I SO want you to do her !!!

Will u Uncle????? PLEASE???

Your dirty pussy eating neice


Oh fuck Uncle !

That video was HOT … and YES I will dress up like her … and have my hair like her … and have u fuck me like her !!

Emma and I could not wait till we opened your last email and found that video attached
We sat on the couch .. spread .. with our hands in the others pussy .. playing.

The video started with a school girl (like us ) getting dressed .. little skirt, no panties, white top, no bra .. and long set of pigtails (oh Uncle .. I will have them like that when u come!)

Someone at her door .. its her uncle or Daddy .. and she gets on her knees .. oh Uncle .. he has a HARD cock .. rubbing it on her face ..

Emma has her fingers in my mouth .. working them in like he is his cock …

Oh Uncle ! His cock is so big and long … and he has a pigtail in each hand .. pulling her head .. deeper and deeper !

Will you fuck me like that? Make me take your cock like that? Force me to???

He is pulling her back and forth … her eyes are wide open .. pleading .. but he is giving her all of it … deeper and deeper .. OH FUCK … she has it all ..

Oh GOD … I am cumming … and Emma has her head between my legs .. eating me .. as I watch him pumping his cum down her throut ! Oh Uncle … you going to feed me like that ????

I hope so !!!

I added a pic I want U to do to me … I want you to fuck me in the shower .. and I want Emma to walk in and watch .. and I know she wants you to do her like that also !!

When are u coming????? Soon I hope !!



Uncle Ken

This is Emma.

I am on Cathi's email.

Enclosed is a pic I took of your naughty neice in her room.

I will met you downstairs when you visit and bring u back to the room. I plan to make sure you are all hard and stiff when you get here .. so plan on me sucking you at some dark corner on the way back .. as I want to watch u fuck her good as soon as you walk it.

She will be all wet and waiting as I will have been eating her pussy and ass waiting for u to arrive !

The little slut just keeps cumming knowing what you will do to her ,... seeing her like this ... u unzip .. and bury it in her up to your balls ... and fuck her good !

I plan to make sure you do a good job ... and I think when I get my face between your cheeks as U do her ... and eat u .. that will finish u !

Can't wait till u get her !!


Helping my neighbor Ben out ....

My friend Ben's wife, Karen had sent me an email two days ago ...


Ben would like you to drop off his power saw as he is gone this week. Could you stop over around 6 as I should be home. Having some work done and the workman should still be here.


She had always seemed cold and distant to me but had a nice shape and enjoyed watching her shake her ass when I stopped over.

As soon as I opened the door to go it, I could tell someone was getting fucked somewhere in the house. The sound of voices, a women moaning, men laughing, an ass being slapped, all were easy to hear.

I slowly entered till I was at the end of the hall looking into their bedroom.

Karen was naked on the bed, two black guys, one at each end, fucking her.

My cock was rock hard just watching !

“ Damm bitch .. you sure wanted this cock … can’t believe how fast you got down and swallowed it … especially when you said you wanted me to gag you with it … look at her Sid … she’s got the whole damm thing lodged down her throat .. her eyes are bugging out but she is still sucking like crazy !”

I watched as he lifted her head off, his hands in her hair .. she would spit and gag .. and moan “more” and then he would force he head right down to his balls … taking it all, had to be 9” worth .. till she was struggling .. then off again, she would moan “More” and down she would go ..

Over and over he fucked her … his cock rock hard .. watching her neck swell as it filled her …

“Now I know why you wanted us to be here every night this week … damm will be fun fucking you !


Next day another email …


I see you stopped over, sorry I was busy with the workman, next time let me know when you stop over. I need Ben’s measuring tape as I need to see how big some things are. Not sure they will fit but they promised to do all they could to fit the space.


When I arrived I walked in to the living room to find Karen naked on the couch, him feeding her … hard … his balls hitting her .. her spread and wet.

I got down and buried my face in her pussy … till it was soaked .. then stood up … and started fucking her pussy as he fucked her face …

“He’s here bitch … that friend of your .. and boy he wanted your slit .. his cock was hard and ready … does he know you are a good ass fuck also .. ? That’s right .. line it up with that hole .. damm u are chewing me good now ! Boy u like it in the ass !”


Today’s email

“I fucking want your cock again .. want the two of you fucking me like u did yesterday .. and when u got down and licked his cock with me … was so HOT I could not stop cumming !”

I found her riding him when I arrived .. his cock all shiny with cum .. she slide off …

“Here, cum suck my juices off … his black fuck stick”

As I worked on it she pushed on my head deeper and deeper till I had most of it in … and then she slide under me .. and swallowed my cock ..

He rolled off the bed … and watched as I face fucked her …

“Such him good bitch … I have just the thing for him !”

Getting on the bed.. I felt his cock at my hole, her reaching back , opening me … I begged for him to stop .. and he did .. once he was ALL the way in … and started fucking me down onto poor Karen’s face …

What a shame Ben has to be away two more weeks !!

Ex getting even

"I told u after breaking up with me .... I would fucking get even !

Been fucking your new GF for the last 4 hours ... the bitch just keeps cumming and begging for more ... must be this 10" thick black cock ... she loves ... or maybe when we flip and I feed it to her as I eat her ...

Look at that lump in your pants ... u like me fucking her?

DAMM you do ... then strip .. I want to see u all nice and hard ...

Your little bitch is moaning ... what dear ... oh really ... hummm ... she wants you to feel this cock .. oh look dear ... he is already on all fours ...

Slide over ... get his cock in your mouth ... and open his ass ... wide ..

Here it comes ... a good LONG ass fucking ... I expect you to fill her face full of cream !"

I had an email


My wife and I find your blog very interesting and am sure the other parents would not.

Especially knowing how much you like cock ... and pussy ! We both enjoy your pics and stories and would enjoy having u open that ass of yours for my thick cock and let my sweet wife whore down your cock as I fuck u !

Tom and Judy"

I got to their place where I found them waiting ... pulled his shorts down to find a thick cock ... still wet and cum covered from fucking her ..

I cleaned it as she lubed my hole ... and guided his cock in ... he was SO BIG !

As she eat my cock ... and sucked down my load ... all I could do was moan and cum !

"Oh Tom ... fuck him good ... I can't wait till later ... can't wait till we get "caught" doing him ... when the neighbors stop over !"

Being fed something juicy !

Sharon was going door to door selling coupons to raise money for her daughters cheerleading team. She had lost count of the house she had been to and it was getting close to dark. She figured this would be the last house.


The door opened and a women answered. They chatted and she agreed to buy some tickets. Sharon asked if she could get a drink of water ... the women said sure ... be right back. About 2 minutes later she appeared with a glass. Sharon drank it and the women said ... come in ..

"Let me write you a check"

Sharon sat down as the women looked and looked for her checkbook ... when all of a sudden Sharon felt wozzie ... and her head hit the table.

She awoke to the feeling of being unable to move ... and then realized she was almost naked and tied to a bed headboard ... she had a ball gag on ... and her stiff nipples each had a nipple clamp on them ... she looked down to find the women also almost naked ... working over her wet panties ... and then felt her mouth find her pussy ...

OH GOD .. she was eating her ... OH GOD ... her nipples were like rocks .. could feel the clamps ... her sucking on her .. her pulling the panties aside ... OH FUCK ... she was cumming into this women's mouth ... OH FUCK ... she was fingering her ...

"Don't worry ... I have all night ... I expect you to cum so many time u pass out ... and I will wake u back up ... tied the other way ... as I fuck u with my rubber cock ... I love eating Mommy pussy ... the kind that has never had a women eat it before ... "

OH YES ... cum again dear ... I see that is geting u hot .... wait till my two daughters get home ... I know they will enjoy u also ... Thats right ! Keep cumming !"

Sharon arched her back ... as the women opened her wide .. eating her ... OH GOD ... her daughters .. eating her ... making her eat them ... OH GOD .. she was cumming again !

Debating what to write about next, so lets vote !

Debating what to write about next, so lets vote !

#1 - Daddy has a sleepover involving his daughter and 3 of her friends ... they watch Daddy thru his bedroom window .. all hard and stiff ... and go upstairs and IM him ... and they play and watch him online ... till he realizes who is watching ...

#2 - Janet, who is a married women with a couple of kids, is traveling on business and while at dinner meets two women also on business. She ends up in their room .. and learns about kinky sex with the two women .... something she never imagined she would ever do.

#3 - Ken is having some work done on his back patio by three young guys. He is inside watching them work as he is working on his hard cock ... he is discovered ... and taken to the patio ... to be worked over ... as his neighbor Jill watches ... and is also discovered .. and forced to play

#4 - While at the bank making a deposit, Ken and the other customers are taken hostage in a robbery ... and broken into small groups .. taken to different rooms .. and made to fuck each other.

So which would u enjoy hearing about? Feel free to leave some comments !!

I am so SORRY about Mom's car

"Oh Daddy ... I am so SORRY about Mom's car ... I said I would do ANYTHING but .. I can't swallow it !

I have never done that before ... OH daddy ... its so hard ... don't Daddy .. don't make me swallow it ... I can't !!

Why are u rubbing your cock on my face ... ? Its so wet ... and so red and OH GOD .. no ... STOP ... oh GOD ... stop cumming ! Oh Daddy ... you are coating me with cum !!!

OH GOD daddy .. its all over ... oh daddy !! Let me suck it daddy ... get it hard .. promise you will not cum again ... till I say so !!"

"OH yes DADDY .. I want you to coat my face again ... thats it Daddy .. nice and hard .. I love when u come on my face ... I told Chad about you doing that !

OH DADDY, Chad loves hearing me tell him about it ... he wants to watch us fuck ... makes him HOT to know you are fucking your little girl .. plus Chad gets all hard ... wants to cum on your face like u do mine !

OH DADDY .. yes ! Cum Daddy .. that make u hot? Knowing Chad wants to cream on your face ... and I want to cum watching you getting him ready .. I want to watch you sucking my boy friend ! "

Friday, May 21, 2010

Flash Fiction Friday Challenge for 5-21-10

The big screen flickered in the dark.

her room so empty.

but ready, as he was

in the big chair, so hard, slowly stoking

Her walking in, not knowing he was watching her with him

She thought he did not know about him

but he did

he watched as they kissed

he exposed her tiny breasts

she exposed him, so long and hard

He watched as he took her, over and over

He came with her till they were both exhausted

he would go to her soon and take what was no longer his alone.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Flash Fiction Friday Challenge for 5-14-10

The sound of fucking filled the room ... the two of them working her from either end. It had started slowly ... and as they took her sister ... all he would let her do was watch ... thru the glass.

It magnified everything .. she could see the look in her sisters eye as their thick hard cocks filled her, so wet ... she could see every detail of their cocks .. every vein!

"That's right dear ... and you will be next ... play with those nipples .. they look so hard .. and let your hand find your waiting clit ... thats it ... play with it !"

They had her on one leg .. the other up over her head ... and a cock in both holes ... and she could see every detail of what they were doing to her ... oh God ... she could not wait !

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Flash Fiction Friday Challenge for 5-7-10

Diana was the most successful realtor agent the company had.

Her secret was closely kept, that being she tailored each open house to a specific showing and that person’s interest’s, and focused on their sexual needs.

The naked house boy was a favorite of her’s and often won her a closing deal … and best of all .. she especially enjoyed his juices covered fingers and cleaning his hardness … as a special treat for her !