Friday, May 28, 2010

Flash Fiction Friday Challange for 5-28-10

Queen and Her Slave

She had been her slave since birth
Beaten for the smallest infraction
Treated as a possession, never caring if she was fed or bathed
Often on her knees, head bend to the ground, showing everyone who was the master
Till evening arrived

Then she served her mistress
Bathed her
Clothed her
Eat her
Used by her

Over and over … her wetness on her slaves face and fingers
In the hidden chambers of her rooms … the slave was used
All manners of false cocks filled her holes
Her ass taken … used … her moans and screams filling the room

The real Queen in her rightful place … where she belonged
And where no one suspected
Serving her slave


  1. Moans and must be good. *smiles*
    Happy FFF!


  2. Poetic. It is so obvious. Why didn't I see it?


  3. Very nice. I love the way this one sounds when read out loud.


  4. Thanks to each of you ... to be honest .. someone very dear to me inspired me in this ... the picture reminded me of her ... and her delisious opening(s) !!

  5. Nice twist, I liked this.

    Happy Friday.

  6. oh well done! My brain is still tumbling it around, wrestling with the idea of it...cheers!

  7. Gives a new meaning to "eat the rich." As Diable said, what a twist. No, wait, that was M. Night Shyamalan :)

  8. THANKS for the comments ... another pic that could have been a LOT more words ... wanted to add more detail around how the slave served her mistress in the night !