Monday, May 24, 2010

Debating what to write about next, so lets vote !

Debating what to write about next, so lets vote !

#1 - Daddy has a sleepover involving his daughter and 3 of her friends ... they watch Daddy thru his bedroom window .. all hard and stiff ... and go upstairs and IM him ... and they play and watch him online ... till he realizes who is watching ...

#2 - Janet, who is a married women with a couple of kids, is traveling on business and while at dinner meets two women also on business. She ends up in their room .. and learns about kinky sex with the two women .... something she never imagined she would ever do.

#3 - Ken is having some work done on his back patio by three young guys. He is inside watching them work as he is working on his hard cock ... he is discovered ... and taken to the patio ... to be worked over ... as his neighbor Jill watches ... and is also discovered .. and forced to play

#4 - While at the bank making a deposit, Ken and the other customers are taken hostage in a robbery ... and broken into small groups .. taken to different rooms .. and made to fuck each other.

So which would u enjoy hearing about? Feel free to leave some comments !!

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