Monday, May 24, 2010

Helping my neighbor Ben out ....

My friend Ben's wife, Karen had sent me an email two days ago ...


Ben would like you to drop off his power saw as he is gone this week. Could you stop over around 6 as I should be home. Having some work done and the workman should still be here.


She had always seemed cold and distant to me but had a nice shape and enjoyed watching her shake her ass when I stopped over.

As soon as I opened the door to go it, I could tell someone was getting fucked somewhere in the house. The sound of voices, a women moaning, men laughing, an ass being slapped, all were easy to hear.

I slowly entered till I was at the end of the hall looking into their bedroom.

Karen was naked on the bed, two black guys, one at each end, fucking her.

My cock was rock hard just watching !

“ Damm bitch .. you sure wanted this cock … can’t believe how fast you got down and swallowed it … especially when you said you wanted me to gag you with it … look at her Sid … she’s got the whole damm thing lodged down her throat .. her eyes are bugging out but she is still sucking like crazy !”

I watched as he lifted her head off, his hands in her hair .. she would spit and gag .. and moan “more” and then he would force he head right down to his balls … taking it all, had to be 9” worth .. till she was struggling .. then off again, she would moan “More” and down she would go ..

Over and over he fucked her … his cock rock hard .. watching her neck swell as it filled her …

“Now I know why you wanted us to be here every night this week … damm will be fun fucking you !


Next day another email …


I see you stopped over, sorry I was busy with the workman, next time let me know when you stop over. I need Ben’s measuring tape as I need to see how big some things are. Not sure they will fit but they promised to do all they could to fit the space.


When I arrived I walked in to the living room to find Karen naked on the couch, him feeding her … hard … his balls hitting her .. her spread and wet.

I got down and buried my face in her pussy … till it was soaked .. then stood up … and started fucking her pussy as he fucked her face …

“He’s here bitch … that friend of your .. and boy he wanted your slit .. his cock was hard and ready … does he know you are a good ass fuck also .. ? That’s right .. line it up with that hole .. damm u are chewing me good now ! Boy u like it in the ass !”


Today’s email

“I fucking want your cock again .. want the two of you fucking me like u did yesterday .. and when u got down and licked his cock with me … was so HOT I could not stop cumming !”

I found her riding him when I arrived .. his cock all shiny with cum .. she slide off …

“Here, cum suck my juices off … his black fuck stick”

As I worked on it she pushed on my head deeper and deeper till I had most of it in … and then she slide under me .. and swallowed my cock ..

He rolled off the bed … and watched as I face fucked her …

“Such him good bitch … I have just the thing for him !”

Getting on the bed.. I felt his cock at my hole, her reaching back , opening me … I begged for him to stop .. and he did .. once he was ALL the way in … and started fucking me down onto poor Karen’s face …

What a shame Ben has to be away two more weeks !!

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  1. You have the friendliest neighbors :)