Monday, May 24, 2010

Notes from my Neice Cathi

Uncle Ken

I was so excited to have you visit us this weekend ! You are my FAV uncle and I love SEEING you.

I hope u do not get mad as you read my note as I did something naughty while u were here.

Saturday night after you went to bed I got on your computer and visited your history and found your Yahoo page. I know I should not have but I did. I want you to know I would not tell anyone what I read …or saw !

Oh Uncle … I want YOU to do all those things to me !!!!

I can’t wait to transfer up to college by you in the fall, and have you visit me … and have me do anything u want !

I started reading the blog and was soaked reading about the things u like .. till I got to the one with the pic of her face covered in cum !!!

Uncle ! I could not stop cumming !! I so what you to cum all over my face like that … and then set me on your lap … your hard cock ready to fuck your nieces little pussy … and then make me cum and cum !!

Then I found your pics !

Oh Uncle .. I always thought u had a good sized one but now I have seen just how big ! I want you to teach me how it feels .. everywhere !!!

Attached is a pic I took in my bedroom … I hope u like ..! Let me know …

Your dirty … horny … waiting to be fucked … mouth open .. ready … neice



Uncle Ken

I can't seem to stop reading your blog ... I find myself with my fingers jammed into my pussy .. wishing it was U uncle !

My GF Emma stopped over this week and found me like that ... all spread and wet ... she started reading your blog ... we were very naughty Uncle !

She asked me to send u a pic of her ... its attached ...

She is in the middle ... being eaten .. she wants u behind her like in the pic .. she wants to feel your hard cock against her as u pull on her nipples .. and chew on her neck . while .. watching ... me .. eating her pussy !

She wants you to listen to her cum .. on my face ... and then wants u to get up .. and fuck me .. pushing my face into her ... wants to watch your big Daddy cock open me up ...

What I want to see Uncle .... is for you to flip her over ... and take her ass ... she has never had a cock in her ass ... I SO want you to do her !!!

Will u Uncle????? PLEASE???

Your dirty pussy eating neice


Oh fuck Uncle !

That video was HOT … and YES I will dress up like her … and have my hair like her … and have u fuck me like her !!

Emma and I could not wait till we opened your last email and found that video attached
We sat on the couch .. spread .. with our hands in the others pussy .. playing.

The video started with a school girl (like us ) getting dressed .. little skirt, no panties, white top, no bra .. and long set of pigtails (oh Uncle .. I will have them like that when u come!)

Someone at her door .. its her uncle or Daddy .. and she gets on her knees .. oh Uncle .. he has a HARD cock .. rubbing it on her face ..

Emma has her fingers in my mouth .. working them in like he is his cock …

Oh Uncle ! His cock is so big and long … and he has a pigtail in each hand .. pulling her head .. deeper and deeper !

Will you fuck me like that? Make me take your cock like that? Force me to???

He is pulling her back and forth … her eyes are wide open .. pleading .. but he is giving her all of it … deeper and deeper .. OH FUCK … she has it all ..

Oh GOD … I am cumming … and Emma has her head between my legs .. eating me .. as I watch him pumping his cum down her throut ! Oh Uncle … you going to feed me like that ????

I hope so !!!

I added a pic I want U to do to me … I want you to fuck me in the shower .. and I want Emma to walk in and watch .. and I know she wants you to do her like that also !!

When are u coming????? Soon I hope !!



Uncle Ken

This is Emma.

I am on Cathi's email.

Enclosed is a pic I took of your naughty neice in her room.

I will met you downstairs when you visit and bring u back to the room. I plan to make sure you are all hard and stiff when you get here .. so plan on me sucking you at some dark corner on the way back .. as I want to watch u fuck her good as soon as you walk it.

She will be all wet and waiting as I will have been eating her pussy and ass waiting for u to arrive !

The little slut just keeps cumming knowing what you will do to her ,... seeing her like this ... u unzip .. and bury it in her up to your balls ... and fuck her good !

I plan to make sure you do a good job ... and I think when I get my face between your cheeks as U do her ... and eat u .. that will finish u !

Can't wait till u get her !!


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  1. Ur niece Cathi is a slut and her friend Emma a filthy whore!

    You're lucky Uncle Ken :D