Monday, May 24, 2010

I am so SORRY about Mom's car

"Oh Daddy ... I am so SORRY about Mom's car ... I said I would do ANYTHING but .. I can't swallow it !

I have never done that before ... OH daddy ... its so hard ... don't Daddy .. don't make me swallow it ... I can't !!

Why are u rubbing your cock on my face ... ? Its so wet ... and so red and OH GOD .. no ... STOP ... oh GOD ... stop cumming ! Oh Daddy ... you are coating me with cum !!!

OH GOD daddy .. its all over ... oh daddy !! Let me suck it daddy ... get it hard .. promise you will not cum again ... till I say so !!"

"OH yes DADDY .. I want you to coat my face again ... thats it Daddy .. nice and hard .. I love when u come on my face ... I told Chad about you doing that !

OH DADDY, Chad loves hearing me tell him about it ... he wants to watch us fuck ... makes him HOT to know you are fucking your little girl .. plus Chad gets all hard ... wants to cum on your face like u do mine !

OH DADDY .. yes ! Cum Daddy .. that make u hot? Knowing Chad wants to cream on your face ... and I want to cum watching you getting him ready .. I want to watch you sucking my boy friend ! "

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