Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Rear Ended

She was in a fucking hurry ... texting and driving .. when she reared the car ahead of her ... not hard but hard enough. She started to try and drive away when her car stalled ... and the car ahead door's opened .. and two big black men got out.

"Where you going bitch?" one asked ... and her smart ass remark was all she got out before she saw a fist coming at her.

She awoke naked and dazed ... between them ... her head was spinning .. and she had a great big black cock in both holes .. them working her between them

"About time you joined us bitch ... we been fucking u the last 15 minutes .. figured two cocks would you around !"

All she could do was moan as she rode them ... as one fucked her .. and the other "rear ended" her

Away on Business

He had been traveling a lot, 2-3 weeks a month ... and he had no idea .. till by accident

he found her home email account still open ... and found a lot more than he expected !

Many emails between her and a number of men ... all who were black ... and very endowed !

Email after email .... described in detail .. how they would meet her, fuck her, take her. Picture after picture showed her being used ... hard long black cock ... in every hole .... and the more he read ... the harder he got ... watching her working on those cocks .. sucking them .. draining them.

As he read he found that guys she fucked would hook her up with other black men and she would met them, often two or three at once .. and they would gang bang her ... and those pics of her with those cocks up her ass ... had him rock hard.

And then he read the email about the two guys who not only fucked her ... but also sucked and fucked each other along with her !

They had listed their cell numbers ... and he called them ... said he was home ... she would be in a few hours ... told them to stop over ..... and when she got home ... she found him filled at both ends ... getting just what she loved !

Monday, January 16, 2012

Can't blame Santa

For wanting some chocolate at Christmas ... especially something as sweet and hot ... as this Wild Thing !

and you should taste that creamy pussy and tight little ass ... yummmmm !

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Noisy Neighbors

Was enjoying the peace and quiet in a my chair at the camp site when a car went by, stopped about a hundred yards up the road, and they all piled out. Four of them, laughing and talking. Up went a tent and off they headed to explore. Oh well, maybe it would not be to bad.

Later that night, heard music, laughing, talking ... got curious, nosey really. Headed up, peeked thru the bushes ... found all four naked.

and fucking ... each other. They would fuck for a minute or two .. then switch ... all hard ... doing each other ... legs spread ... sucking and fucking

Slipped out of my clothes ... watched and stroked ... god it was hot !

Then one of them saw me ... and they grabbed me ...and I was tied over a chair ... my ass in the air ... where they found a very good use of my Daddy hole ...

So glad they had been noisy !

Dirty Nephew

Logged into my email ...

"Uncle Ken,

I was hoping you might be able to stop over this weekend, what with my parents out of town and all. You know you have always been my favorite Uncle and was hoping we could send some time together, talk, hang out, swim, see what we could do to relax. Josh was over yesterday and I wanted to share a pic of us relaxing. I hope you are not to shocked or upset at the picture. I sure would not want anyone to see what a good cock sucker he is. I can just imagine what this picture might be doing to you. Maybe you are hard? You stroking it, wanting to suck me as I am sucking you? I bet you are ... ! Let me know.


My response


You are right, Uncle Ken loved that pic, and here is one of me and how nice and hard you got me. I would love to stop over, get you naked and suck down that cock as u do the same to me. I would love to pour oil all over you, get you nice and relaxed .... play with that cute ass of yours and see how you liked Uncle Ken's fat cock up it ! And you are welcome to bend me over and do the same !!

Uncle Ken"

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Who's there?

She felt so naughty, so sexy. Hot pink bra and panties ... and the mask she had been left on her bed. She did not know which of her 3 college roommates had left them, and the note to be dressed and have the mask on for her "visitor".
As the hour went on, she could not help but touch herself, her bra pulled down, playing with her nipples and pussy .. till she was as hot as a pistol.

She heard the door open, she sat on her bed .. waiting.

She could hear someone undressing .. but who was it???

She felt someone behind her .. felt two arms go around her ...one found her waiting breast .. the other .. found her wetness.

She moaned as she was touched ... who was it .. could be any of them ....

"So sweet" said a voice

She did not know who it was .. but it sounded familiar

"I knew u were a hot little thing .. just needing a tender touch"

As the fingers buried themselves deep inside her, she realized who it was .. Scarlett's mother, who lived near the college.

"Cum for me, everyone is gone, you are all mine tonight !" and cum she did !

Real Star Wars

What really went on between the Princess and her fuck mates ... she loved being worked over by them ... their thick cocks opening her up, especially the picture at the botttom, and his impressive 14" one ...she begged and moaned on every stroke !

She was mine !

She had been working for him for about 3 months, very cold and professional. She had a hot little body but she was very cold and distant. Imagine his susprise to be reviewing some security footage from the office, to find her at her desk, half naked, fucking herself, riding a dildo stuck to her desk. He watched footage where for the next hour ... she did both holes and also deep throuted and cleaned the dildo.

He set up a meeting for end of day to meet with her.

"I have something to discuss" He said

Placing a folder of the pictures, she slowly looked at them ... and he watched her nipples harder and almost poke thru her top.

"What do you want and what are you going to do with these?"

"For starters, I want you to do all of that again ... as I watch you"

She was 1/2 naked and on the dildo in moments ... and cumming ... pulling her top off .. totally exposed .. watching him stroking as she rode the toy

"U have other toys?" he asked

She nodded yes .. opening a drawer, with 4 or 5 more ...

Grabbing one, he mounted it to the desk beside her ..

"Let me join u !" as he mounted it .. fucking his ass as she did hers.

Jamie all dressed up

She knew he would be coming home soon .. she had on her green top and little skirt .. she was so excited ... and it showed !

"Oh there you are ... oh my .. you need to cover up ... good girls do not show Dad their panties !"

Jamie leaned back ... spreading her legs wider .. her panties were so tight and full !

"Oh Daddy, I do not mean for you to see them, its just that I was thinking of u coming home ... and well ..."

Daddy licked his lips ... she looked so yummy ... and he made sure she could see what she was doing to him, as his hard cock strained forward in his slacks.

Walking over he ran his hands up her legs ... and over her panties .. she just moaned ...

"Come here dear, naughty girls who get their Dad's all excited .. need to take care of them"

he undid his slacks ... his thickness sticking out ... she slide over, taking him in her mouth .. sucking him ... as he slide on top .. to 69 with her.

What a sight, father and daughter ... taking good care of each other !

Monday, January 9, 2012

Erotic Dream

It was so real ... he met the two of them and and knew just what they wanted to do to him. He watched them dancing .. watching there huge breasts swinging and slowly their thick cocks started stiffing .. till they ripped thru their panties ... he could just imagine what they would feel like ... taking him ...

He awoke ... to the feeling of being taken .. from behind .. moaning as a thick cock filled him ... a hand around his cock ..milking him ... the dream was so vivid ... and he looked up .. to the mirror ... it was her .. the blond .. the dream was true ... and so was that thick fucking cock !