Thursday, January 12, 2012

Dirty Nephew

Logged into my email ...

"Uncle Ken,

I was hoping you might be able to stop over this weekend, what with my parents out of town and all. You know you have always been my favorite Uncle and was hoping we could send some time together, talk, hang out, swim, see what we could do to relax. Josh was over yesterday and I wanted to share a pic of us relaxing. I hope you are not to shocked or upset at the picture. I sure would not want anyone to see what a good cock sucker he is. I can just imagine what this picture might be doing to you. Maybe you are hard? You stroking it, wanting to suck me as I am sucking you? I bet you are ... ! Let me know.


My response


You are right, Uncle Ken loved that pic, and here is one of me and how nice and hard you got me. I would love to stop over, get you naked and suck down that cock as u do the same to me. I would love to pour oil all over you, get you nice and relaxed .... play with that cute ass of yours and see how you liked Uncle Ken's fat cock up it ! And you are welcome to bend me over and do the same !!

Uncle Ken"

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