Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Jamie all dressed up

She knew he would be coming home soon .. she had on her green top and little skirt .. she was so excited ... and it showed !

"Oh there you are ... oh my .. you need to cover up ... good girls do not show Dad their panties !"

Jamie leaned back ... spreading her legs wider .. her panties were so tight and full !

"Oh Daddy, I do not mean for you to see them, its just that I was thinking of u coming home ... and well ..."

Daddy licked his lips ... she looked so yummy ... and he made sure she could see what she was doing to him, as his hard cock strained forward in his slacks.

Walking over he ran his hands up her legs ... and over her panties .. she just moaned ...

"Come here dear, naughty girls who get their Dad's all excited .. need to take care of them"

he undid his slacks ... his thickness sticking out ... she slide over, taking him in her mouth .. sucking him ... as he slide on top .. to 69 with her.

What a sight, father and daughter ... taking good care of each other !

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