Monday, May 7, 2012

He had met her at the local coffee shop ... often waited on him ... and caught her looking at some porn ... his stiff cock semi hidden under the table.

"U naughty man .. what are u looking at that has you so excited"

She leaned over his shoulder, and placed one hand right on his crotch, and fould something hard to hold.

"If you come back to my place, I am sure I could do a good job sucking that but you have to promise, to take good care of me too"

She told him to wait a few minutes, then come into her room.

He found her on the bed, legs spread .. sucking a sucker and she had a hard cock waiting for him !

"Your choice ... either suck it for me ... or I get to take your ass"

He got on all fours, as he stripped.

"Guess u will just have to fuck me !"

Cum for Mommy

She had caught her son's best friend, Jake, jerking off in her panties ... and took a number of pics on her phone. When she confronted him, he begged her not to tell anyone what she had found him doing. She agreed, but on one condition ..
That every afternoon after school ... he was to come by ... and have her "catch" him again .. and she would get her hands around his cock .. jerking him off.
Her mouth around it felt even better !

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Her had meet her online one night on IM ... described herself ... as a naughty girl looking for a naughty Daddy ... and when she had sent him some pics ... he felt his cock swell .. looking at her ... and when they chatted by cam .. and he got to see just how sexy she was ... and she got to see just how her hard her Daddy could cum ...

Week after week they would cam .. and her sending him pics .. her in panties .. so full .. her on all fours .. her hard clit sticking up ...

And then they had a chance to meet ... and he found out just how good she tasted ... as he drained her clit of all of its juices ... and then while he was on all fours ... and her behind him ... sucking his cock and balls from behind ... him moaning ... and then surprised him .. by taking his ass as he had hers ...
he moaned and came with her .. what a good naughty girl she was !

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Her Favorite Sister-in-law

Connie was 6 months pregnant and her husband had not torched her since he found out she was. She was besides herself, so horny, she was spending an hour or two a day ... fucking herself, making herself cum, but it was not enough.

One afternoon her sister-in-law stopped over unexpected. Diana stop at the door way .. watching her bed , riding a thick long dildo, the bed soaked where she had cum. She slowly stripped .. her own pussy soaked as she watched. She slide behind her, grabbing both legs ... holding them open, and started eating her ...

"Eat ! Eat me ... oh god yes !!!" she screamed as she came on her face and the toy ...

She slowly heard Connie tell why she was so horny ,... and Diana grabbed her camera snapping a picture of her ... to send to her brother ... all it said was "She is horny and wants cock ... come fuck what you have always wanted"

Once he arrived .. the two of them fucked her good ... and long ... and hard .... no need to worry about getting his sis pregnant ... maybe next time !

Monday, February 27, 2012

Prying eyes

Sarah had come home with her cousin one hot summer afternoon and as she went by her brothers room .. she could see him thru the edge of the door. He was naked, asleep ... with his limp cock laying on his stomach ... it was huge, even soft !

"Connie ... look ... its SO big !" The two of them were always horny .. they had been on their way to play ... and instead ... they were both stripping the other, fingers finding wet spots to play with ... and within minutes both were ready for some hard cock !

"Dare u to go touch it ... no way he stops us ... I just want to feel that in me !"

" I can't, he's my brother !"

But before either knew it they were on the bed .. and he awoke to his sister kissing him .. and his cousins hands around him.

She whispered in his ear " I want you to do anything u want to me ... every hole ... over and over, and then u get to do your sweet cousin"


Batman was so stoic. He was the Dark Knight ... and Raven was his Arch-Rival. What people did not know was that 6-10 times a year they would meet ... and what started out as a show of strenght ... would turn into two men .. stripped ... hard ... doing things to the other. This time Batman had the upper hand ... as he forced Raven to chew on his cock ... draining his balls. He could see Raven fisting his cock ... his hole was already itching for that hard meat !

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Caught stealing

We though no one one would ever know what we had done, but our neighbors found out and had pictures as proof.

We had gotten a note with the pictures ..

"Here is how this works ... the two of you come over to our place ... you will us both naked and waiting ... we watch u both strip .. then that prissy wife of yours gets to suck my husbands cock as u fuck my pussy and leave a nice load of your cum ... then the two of you switch ... and you get to suck his cock till he cums .. and that darling wife of your eats my cum filled pussy ... and that just the start of our fun with you !"

My hard cock betrayed me .. guess getting caught was not all that bad !