Friday, April 30, 2010

Flash Fiction Friday Challenge for 4-30-10

It was the end of days … no future, no hope … till he found her … they were the last ones remaining … tortured souls .. his vision of the world was forever changed … as all he saw was her.

The ugliness of the world was erased by her passion and beauty … the curve of her hip … her lips … her face. His days were dark, but her beauty, made the end of days .. hopeful, and with her with child … a future.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Dot and Ginger ....

We arrived at out vacation house on the thousand island on Saturday night and as we unpacked chatted with our two neighbors who were doing the same. We had us plus 4 of our older kids with us while they were two women about 40 having a weekend away from the families. They were Dorothy (Dot) and Ginger. Both were around 40, Dot was taller and slender but with an impressive set of breasts (guessing 38D) while Ginger was a typical BBW with an infectious laugh and a set that just wanted to escape her top.

We had dinner and headed off to bed. Our two houses were only about 20 feet apart and we commented that maybe we should put on a show for them.

We had a four poster bed and when I came into the bedroom, Laurie was just finishing getting into her nighty. I pushed her onto the bed and proceeded to tie her legs to two of the posts. I made sure the lights were on as I proceeded to eat her wet pussy out. I found the double headed toy we like to play with and proceeded to use it on her, fucking her with it as I sucked on her nipples.

“Oh fuck, that’s feels GREAT .. keep fucking me “ she moaned

“I hope they can see you … being fucked … know what a horny slut you are !” As I worked it in and out …

I then stripped, and getting on top of her … feed my cock into her mouth … as I spread her wet hole and eat her … we were both so hot .. thinking they could see us .. and we soon came in the others mouth !

Next day the 3 older kids decided to play golf at a nearby course while the women went into Watertown to shop leaving me to relax at home for a couple of hours.

I had gone outside to clean up the grill where I found Dot doing the same.

“Hey there” she said “I see they have abandoned you!”

“Yep, home alone … and hopefully stay out of trouble” I replied

“I can imagine the trouble you can get into !” she laughed

“Did the two of you find much on last night to watch?” I asked wondering what she would reply.

“Oh, we did, and it was highly entertaining. In fact, I know I for one enjoyed it so much, I would love seeing it again “ She said with a smile.

I bet you did !” I laughed

At that point Ginger came out of the house wearing a two piece suit and what a sight that was!

She was about to burst out of the top and the bottom was just as small. She was a very pleasantly plump women with a nice set of breasts and a cute ass but in the two piece was almost naked.

“What you two chatting about?” she asked

“I am sure Ken is wondering what is keeping you in that suit! “ She replied with a laugh noticing how I was staring at Ginger.

“I doubt Ken minds ! Do you mind?” she replied.

“Not at all … you look fine to me ! Love the sights !” I replied.

“In that case, we have some cold wine coolers we are having, come join us !” as she turned and headed in her bottom of her suit swallows by her ample cheeks. I could not believe how good she looked walking up the steps.

“We both watched you last night.” Dot whispered to be as we went in. “We were both very naughty watching you”

“Then maybe you two should put a show on for me” I replied as I went in.

Finding myself on the screened front porch with the two of them. Ginger was across from me with her legs spread. Her suit barely covered her crotch and it was easy to see it was already wet. Her top was just two handful squares of thing cloth barely covering her brown circles around her nipples.

Dot had on a thin low cut top, braless with a short skirt. With the view I was getting her pussy looked very bare !

“We were so hot last night we could HARDLY stand it !” said Ginger as she took the cold wine cooler and rubbed it against her neck.

“We had to do more than that to cool off !”laughed Dot as she was doing the same.

“Oh really?” I replied as I felt myself starting to stiffen watching the two of them. Both Ginger and Dot were rubbing the bottles over their necks and they were both sporting some rock hard nipples!

“What else did you do to cool off?” I asked

“This” said Ginger as she proceeded to take the bottle and work it down between her breasts, rubbing them, and moaning.

“God this feels good … we were both so HOT last night .. watching you .. watching the two of you fucking .. we could not stop touching ourselves.. rubbing ourselves .. like this !”

I watched as the two of them started using the bottles to fuck their breasts, them run them over their nipples, moaning .. watch as Ginger spread her legs wider, the little patch soaked … and could smell them both !

Leaning over I took my bottle, sticking it into the front of Gingers top, and used it to peel her top down exposing her nipples … and stocked them with the bottle !

“Oh GOD Dot … I’m cumming !! “ and them she REALLY soaked her suit !

Dot had leaned back and was working her nipple with the bottle and pulling on her other nipple .. and her legs spread showing me her bald wet pussy !

“IS Dot’s pussy on fire?” I asked as she nodded yes.

“This will help!” As I tilted the wine cooler bottle and as it poured out, slide it into her pussy. She moaned and lifted her pussy up so I could slide the bottle in deeper.

“Her Dot .. show Ginger and I how u like your pussy cooled .. and fucked !”

Taking the bottle she started fucking herself as Ginger and I watched .. my cock as so hard, so I slide my shorts off and turned toward Ginger.

“Time for you to suck some cock Ginger … and watch Dot fucking herself !”

Gingers mouth was quickly full of cock and boy could she suck ! The two of them were something for the next hour as the boy sucked cock and both got a chance to sit on my lap and get fucked. Loved watching them eat each other as I fucked the other.

They were so hot and dirty !

Ginger surprised me while I was fucking Dot and got her tongue up between my cheeks and eat my ass … was so hot .. had me moaning ….

“This making u hot Ken .. getting your ass eaten?” She asked from behind me …

“Fuck YES .. eat me .. oh god … yes .. finger my hole .. more ! Use 2 or 3 fingers … FUCK that feels god !

“Then u will LOVE this ! “said Ginger as she tipped a wine cooler and I felt it open my hole, the cold wine running in … and it just made me harder !

“OH GOD .. fuck me with that !”

So she did … god I loved it!

Kinky in the garage ...

I have been working in my garage today cleaning up ... and my neighbor is in his back yard working .. can see him from my back windows of the garage ... he is wearing just shorts and looks very fit. I turned on the lights and know he can see me working in it as I have seen him look up a couple of times.

I take off my shirt also .. and was in just my shorts .... and decided ... they were dirty .. so I took them off also .. and continued to work just my thong underwear ... and made sure to bend over so he could see my ass ... my cock getting stiff as I did. My hand found the front of my thong, felt my cock and balls ... felt good to play and pull on them.

Looking toward the window .. I could see he was now working in the back part of the yard, right by the windows, facing the window digging ... and I could see that his cock was hard ... poking out his shorts .... I knew he was getting a good show.

Turning and facing the window ... I pull them down .. and off ... was so horny ... I wanted him to see me like this !

So I headed to the cabinet .. and took out a bottle of motor oil .. slowly opened it ... I turned toward the window .. and poured some over my cock ... and started stroking it ... and leaned back against the cabinet ... felt so good .. the thick oil running down over my hand as I worked it up and down my shaft ... over my balls ... looked up .... damm he was gone ! I had so wanted him to watch ...

When I heard a voice ...

"Fuck you have me hard ! Never watched a guy doing that before but just had to come in and see you better !"

Turning I found him in my garage ... him naked .. his hand on his cock ... it was nice and thick too !

I handed him the oil ... and putting my hands on the table ... turned with my ass toward him ... as I worked on my cock with one hand ..

"Looks like you came over for some ass ... I hope you plan to stick that cock up my ass ... take the oil ... pour some down the crack of my ass ... and your cock ... and do whatever you want with my hole!"

I felt the cold thick oil running down my back till it got to my ass crack .. and then down the crack ... my hand was around my cock ... it was so hard ... and this was so fucking dirty ... being exposed like this ... about to be fucked ... naked ... about to have my hole filled with his cream and that oil!

"Spread my cheeks ... and be sure I get oiled good ! I want to feel u open my tight hole with your cock ... do me good "

I felt his hands open me ... and then felt the head of the plastic bottle against my hole ... and as he squeezed it ... felt the cold oil filling my ass ...

"Get on all fours ... show me how slutty you are .."

I got down ... my head on the floor .. reaching back ... opened my ass cheeks ...
"Fuck ,,, you have oil oozing out of your hole ... I better plug that with my cock ... and I want to hear you squeal as I fuck you !"

Boy did I ... his cock was a good 8" and he kept pouring more oil on it as he worked my hole GOOD !! The more I yelled the harder he fucked me ... could hear the dogs next door barking ... knew if they could hear me the neighbors would also !

I started yelling for him to ass fuck me harder ... fill my hole with his cum ...
So he did ... and BOY was his cock hard !!!! What a GOOD ass fucking I got !!

His cell phone rings and pulling out of my ass he answers …

“Hey where you at … just coming down the street? Who’s with you? Great ! Listen here’s the deal!”

“Park and come back to the garage behind my back yard … and don’t say a word when you come in … want you to watch and join in when I tell you to … tell her the same thing … yeah … its kinky !”

Grabbing a plastic tarp off the shelf, he spread it out and poured oil onto it, telling me to lay down on it.

Walking over he then grabbed a sheet, tore of a section and proceeded to blindfold me …

“Keep stroking that cock .. I have some friends stopping over … and I want them to see what a horny fuck you are!”

I felt him hand me a bottle of the oil and as I poured it over myself, stroking my hard cock, I could tell someone had coming into the garage. Had no idea who or how many ! DAMM I was hard !!

“What’s your name? and what did I see when I looked in your back window?” he asked

“I’m Ken … and I saw u in back … and wanted you to see me … so I stripped … and poured motor oil over myself .. and stroked my cock so u would see … Oh fuck .. u going to fuck me???” I asked as I rolled over, and reaching back opened my hole so “they” could see.

“Not yet slut … and what else did u do?”

“I had you fill my ass with oil … and fuck me … as I pulled on my cock … GOD .. fuck me .. all of u .. I don’t care who’s here ! “I moaned as I slipped across the plastic, face in the oil, my hole open !

“You want him Ted? ” he asked. “Looks like the two of u being naked tells me u do ! Go ahead, I want to watch the two of play with him !”

I felt hands and bodies join me … felt another bottle oil poured on me .. down my ass and balls .. and then three or four fingers in my ass .. opening me …

A women voice said “ Fuck Ted … work his hole … that right baby .. more … give him more … listen to him moan .. !”

Feeling her legs going around me… she grabbed my head in her hands .. and buried it in her shaved pussy, already all oily and ready to be eaten !

“He is a horny fucker Ted … he is going wild on my hole .. that’s it baby ! All of them … FUCK yes !! Fist his ass !”

Pushing hard, I felt Ted’s hand slip in and then out , then in again ! I was screaming into her pussy as he fucked me … my cock squirting cum as I came from the fucking !

“Oh baby .. that’s HOT … I know how GOOD that feels .. ! I want a turn !!”

I felt him pull his fist and then spin me around … !

She slid her smaller hand in right up to her wrist and grabbing my cock in the other, alternated milking me as she fucked me …

Grabbing me by the hair he lifted my head … and then filled it with his cock .. FUCK it tasted good ! and could already taste his cum leaking out ..

“God Ted .. that’s hot watching the two of you fucking him .. I guess you both get it from your old man … I taught you both right !!!”

I started swallowing his load as I came again … knowing his son and daughter were fucking me !

The LONG weekend ...

Jackie and her neighbor never saw eye to eye, matter of fact, were always disagreeing on something. The latest was her dog going over into his yard and making a mess. He was sick and tired of her waving her ass around and not cleaning up after the dog.

“She will be home in a minute. We grab her and take her inside and I have something she can suck on while the two of u take turns .. fucking that ass of hers!”

Jackie opened her door and was quickly stripped and forced over the couch.

For the next 30 minutes, the three of them, sucked, licked and fucked every inch of her. About the 5 time she came she was no longer bitching about the fucking but begging for more.

“yeah, fuck me harder .. god yes … fed me … that all you got? Oh god .. yes! On my face … cum you bustard”

Wait till the other guys they invited show up .. bitch was in for a real ride this weekend !

She had no idea ...

Tom emailed me a month ago saying he loved my blog and stories.

Turned out we were both from the same area and started chatting each evening. That quickly lead to some hot phone sex where we both cammed and came together watching the others cock get hard from stroking and then cum together.

A week ago he said a friend wanted to join us as we cammed and as the cam started saw it was a cute gal about 25. She quickly joined him naked on cam, playing with his cock as we cammed and talked by phone. Her name was Diane and she said how hot it was making her to be doing this and even hotter listening to us talk about 69’ing together …. Our cocks in the others mouth .. filling them with cum as she watched and came !

As I watched, I said, "Diane, I want to see u suck his cock." She said we never have but sure, why not ! Watched as she went down on him and sucked him off .. and here was our chat

Ken: Look at her swallow all of that … damm looks good
Tom: You have NO IDEA how good this is
Ken: Wish she was swallowing my cock
Tom: Never thought she would mine
Ken: Why not?
Tom: Diane .. is my younger sister .. HERE I CUM!

I watched and listen as he filled her mouth … and gave her his hot load.

We connected again Friday to chat and he said Diane wants us to get together, she is hot to watch us. I asked Tom did she know I knew she was your sister. He said no, but since that night she has sucked him off at least twice a day, says she loves the taste of my cum !

Saturday night I went to his apartment and met the two of them. They had a porn flick on the TV and in short order we were naked, on the couch, her in the middle, each sucking a nipple and and fingering her pussy. She came a couple of times between us and with our cocks rock hard … said I want to watch the two of you.

Tom layed on a table feet in the air .. and I speard his legs, opened his ass, and she watched as I eat him, him moaning and begging for more. I felt her rubbing lube over my cock and then she squirted some in his ass.

“God Ken, I am so hot .. fuck his ass .. I want to see u take him!”

“Can’t wait, I want u on top of him, sucking his cock and u can get a good view of me fucking his ass”

I watched as she got on top of him, his cock in her mouth and watched her eyes open wide as I worked my cock up his ass. It was so tight and felt so good!

As I was working my cock in and out, Tom was moaning a steady “Oh god, Oh god, Oh god, Oh god, Oh god, Oh god !” as his ass was taken and she worked on his cock.

“Diane, which is hotter, you watching me take Tom tight ass? .. or you sucking your brothers cock?”

Her head snapped up …”You know?” she said

Pushing her head down, right to his balls and my cock tight to his ass …”and wait till he fucks you tonight!”

Tom exploded at hearing that and Diane started a low moaning wail as she came also as Tom pumped her mouth full of cum !

Patty Jane Smith was pissed.

Patty Jane Smith was pissed.

She had no idea where she was, all she knew was she could not move her arms or legs and she was partially dressed as she could tell she was topless and bottomless, as the coolness on her shaved pussy told her.

Patty was the chairman of the local PTA, was on the town council and had just run for mayor of their town. She was ultra right wing conservative who had run on a platform that TV / radio / music was ruining their kids now adays. She also had run that gays and lesbians were all evil.

She tired to move but both her arms and legs were chained to something and she was spread wide .. and exposed.

"Today you get to learn a few things about what you think you know but you don't ... like this for example" said a female voice.

Oh god, Patty thought, as she felt a mouth go over her left nipple, biting it and then chewing on it as it was sucked!

"Stop, oh god, don't .... I never .. its wrong ... oh god ... " moaned Patty as the women worked on one then the other nipple. Sucking one as she rolled and pinched the other. Over and over, the women worked Patty hard nipples over till they were so hard and sensitive. Patty had struggled at first knowing it was so wrong, but after a about 10 minutes Patty's moaning had changed to someone getting very worked up !

"But you never had a women do that to you before, have u" the voice asked. Patty did not answer, but she did as her nipples were twisted.

"Please don't .. no never .. would never ... its wrong ... its evil ... your evil ... oh GOD ... don't !! screamed Patty.

The women had started running her fingers over Patty's slit and clit. Both were so wet, Patty knew that, and was so ashamed, and also so turned on. It was so evil her feeling like this, the feeling as her clit was touched and rubbed by this women .. oh GOD ... she was cumming !

Patty felt her pussy exploded as the women rubbed harder and harder over her wet hole and clit ... and came and came .. the juices running down her legs ... and still the women worked her clit over !

Patty lost track of the times she came, the women just kept fingering her wet hole, pulling on her clit ... and telling her what a horny slut she was .. a mother ... women of the community .. who was laying on the floor ... while another women .. jilled her off... the more she talked .. the harder Patty came !!

Them the rubbing stopped ... Patty felt her blindfold being removed ... of God .. the women was her oldest daughters Debbie's best friends Jill's mother ... Laurie !

"Oh Patty .. I always knew you would love girl sex ... even thought you always said you were so against it !" said Laurie, as she ran her hand over Patty's wet sex.

"Don't Laurie .. you can't ... no .. stop ... oh GOD .. you can't do that ... oh FUCK ... no !! " moaned Patty as Laurie buried her face between Patty's legs ... rubbing her face in her sex .. feeling Patty cum ... and her fingers getting between her cheeks ... finding her tight hole .. working some fingers in .. feeling Patty bucking up and down ... forcing them in ... and her cumming ...

"Eat me ... eat me you bastard ... make me cum ... oh FUCK ... make me your slut .. of GOD ... yes ! fuck my ass ... do me .. hard ... oh YES ... eat me u dyke ... make me cum !" Patty moaned as she came all over Laurie’s face !

Laurie stood and walked over ... kneeled down .. spread her legs .. and placed her wet pussy inches from Patty's face.

"I can't .. I've never ... U wouldn't .. would u?" Said Patty as Laurie got closer and closer ..

"I will not make u .. but I want to tell you a secret ... I love having my pussy eaten ... and my favorite little pussy muncher .. is Jill she loves Mommy's wet pussy ... and I love hers !"

Patty could feel her pussy flood with the image of Jill between her mothers legs ... eating her !

"and almost as nice ... is last week ... Jill had a friend join us ... and she was our little fuck toy .. we eat her ... and fucked her .. all day ... and she was just as much fun as her mother is right now !"

"Oh god !!!!!" moaned Patty as she came again knowing her daughter had eaten this women out ... !

"So the question is ... if you eat me right now .. I will let you eat both of them tonight when they are at my place doing homework .. in Jills room .. naked .. on Jills bed ... 69'ing .. u will love watching .. and can eat which ever one you want ... all you have to do is .. tell me want some pussy ... well do you?"

Patty could not answer ... as her face was BURIED in Laurie’s wet hole ...knowing her daughter would be next !!!

"Oh Daddy ... I am so SORRY about Mom's car ... I said I would do ANYTHING but .. I can't swallow it ! I have never done that before ...

OH daddy ... its so hard ... don't Daddy .. don't make me swallow it ... I can't !!

Why are u rubbing your cock on my face ... ? Its so wet ... and so red and OH GOD .. no ... STOP ... oh GOD ... stop cumming !

Oh Daddy ... you are coating me with cum !!!

OH GOD daddy .. its all over ... oh daddy !! Let me suck it daddy ... get it hard .. promise you will not cum again ... till I say so !!"

Taking her ...

“Every time I am at Billy’s house his Mom is always half dressed … driving us both crazy .. last night we watched her getting ready for bed wearing stockings and a little top .. Billy and I were both rock hard .. and when he started jerking off .. and we both came .. saying how we wanted to do her .. so the next morning .. as she headed to the bathroom .. we grabbed her .. dragged her into the living room .. she was begging us not to …but when my hand found her pussy .. she was dripping !

So as one fed her his cock the other .. fucked her .. she was begging us to stop .. but she also came over and over … she even begged us not to ass fuck her … so of course .. we did !!”

“Oh god … eat me … make me cum again u bastard !

Can’t believe you two fuckers could get me naked and doing this!

Dragging me back to your apartment .. stripping me .. eating me …making me watch you each sucking cock … fucking me … OH god … cumming again !

Damm .. u swallowed that whole cock … make him cum .. that’s right … pump his face full …

I can’t believe I am letting my little brother do this to me .. Oh fuck .. here I cum again !!

She said she was going out with her GF Sami to shop but from the pic on her cell phone looks like she was busy working over some black meat. Then when I checked her messages, there was one from Sami!
"hey bade, Jake and Tommy want to know when we can get together again and fuck u some more? Tommy says you are the first women to take all of his meat in her mouth .. and u blew him away taking it all up your ass ! U on top of him .. dropping right down on it .. time and time again .. I am soaked thinking about it !! They want to do your pussy and ass together next time ... Saturday sound good??"
Sounds good to me ... and she better take more pics !!!

SO GLAD I was able to catch you ....

Seemed like our neighbors daughter Jill, was at our house all of the time .. and hanging with my mother. We had lost power at work so we got sent home about 4 hours early.

Could hear music on as I came in the house and at the doorway of the living room I found her and Jill on the couch. Jill’s face was buried between her legs .. eating her out !

“Oh god …eat me … suck my cum Jill .. eat me like I caught you eating your Mom .. GOD .. love you eating me like that .. do a good job .. u would not want anyone to know would you .. oh GOD .. cumming again !”

I stripped, my hard cock in my hand, and walked to the edge of the couch.

Looking up in shock, Mom found my hard cock inches from her face ..

“Open wide Mom, looks like you will be sucking and fucking this a lot from now on ! SO GLAD I was able to catch you, I am sure you would not want anyone to know who has been eating u !”

Why are you making me watch ?

“Oh god … please stop !

Why are you making me watch !

U strip me and make you watch the two of you eating each other … begging the other not to stop … watching u fingering each other .. oh GOD .. not again .. DAMM ..

I’m cumming .. Oh god … please stop !

Why are you making me watch !

Oh no ! Not her ass too .. shut up the two of u .. stop begging . stop moaning ! oh GOD .. not again .. DAMM ..

I’m cumming .. Oh god … please stop !

Why are you making me watch !

I can’t stop touching myself .. oh GOD .. PLEASE don’t make me do that to the two of u !

Don’t make me eat and finger you as you do me !! Oh god … please stop !

“When are you going to MAKE me do it?????”

Breaking Sara in ...

My parents had invited my GF Sarah and I for dinner to celebrate college semester ending. I was delayed and arrived about two hours later than planned.

No one was downstairs so I headed upstairs … and found the three of them in my parents bed !

“Fuck her hard John, Kevin’s here watching, make her cum on your cock again ! That’s right give it all to her, make her beg for some Daddy cock ! God John, you should see how hard Kevin is watching you fucking his GF with your hard cock ~!

“Kevin, you want to fuck Mommy for a while” as she pulled her panties aside.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

god I am glad she never shuts up

“Pulling into the hotel parking lot, Laurie just can’t keep her mouth shut. Car beside us bangs there door against us. She starts bitching and complaining to the three black men in the car. They try to say they are sorry, but does she stop, not her ! Complain, complain, complain!”

We head to the room and as we enter, they are just coming thru the doorway from the other direction. Before I know it, they push us into the room!”

“ok bitch, you want something to complain about .. complain with this in your mouth !”

One grabs me, pushes me into a chair and says don’t move. They strip her and themselves. My god ! All three have over twice the cock I have! They quickly shut her up by filling her mouth with cock, and then her pussy from behind. They are slapping her ass as they fuck her !

“Damm boys, the juice is just running out of her ! She must be creaming on some black cock for the first time !”

As I watch them doing her, I strip and sit on the side of the bed.

“You boys going to ass fuck her? She’s never had one up the ass but I bet she is ready now!” I said as I stroked my cock

As one pulled out of her mouth, he slides down an they lift her onto his cock .. and the other lined it up with her ass.

“You bastards would not dare fuck my ass … SWEET JESUS ! “ she wailed as I watched the whole length fill her. She started to wail and moan .. as they double fucked her on the two cocks.

I leaned over to suck on her tit .. my hard cock bobbing up and down.

“Hey Clyde, I see some white ass for u!”

Pushing me down so I was across her back .. feeling her being fucked below me .. I was moaning as his cock spread me …

“Oh fuck … oh fuck … oh god !! My ass … is … so .. full … OH FUCK .. here I cum!!!”
They stayed and fucked us most of the weekend … god I am glad she never shuts up !!!

Amazing what one finds on a friends computer !

"Lets see ... maybe this needs to be cleaned out .. hope this helps with his computer problems ... lets see .. maybe this folder ... HOLY shit !!!

My god !! It’s Tim ... and his sister ... and his parents ... no wonder they are always here visiting !

Look at her working over her brothers thick cock ... and the way her mother is eating her out ... bet she is cumming all over her face ... while her Dad is working her over good ... have to drop over and surprise them next time they visit !"

Soccer Mom ... being taught

Janet had been attending soccer practice for her son the last few weeks and did not know a soul on the team. The other parents seemed to all know each other so she kind of hung off to the side by herself.

Debbie and Suzy I noticed her day one !

“Damm … what a cute ass … and those tits … have to be 38D … I bet she would be something naked !” said Suzy as Debbie stood close to her watching the game.

“Even better would be me on her face and u between those legs … bet u my last dollar she has NEVER done that either ! I bet she is just like Darcy was last year. Once we managed to get her naked and her mouth on my pussy .. she went wild … got to be she would be eating me in the van as the game was on .. I made her buy the biggest strap-on she could find .. was a big black cock .. 12” long … wore it under my jeans one day … visited her at her office one afternoon .. her secretary gave me the BIGGEST smile when I went in .. got her naked … across her desk .. her head in the seat of her chair .. me working that cock into her … then I reached over and turned her intercom on .. to her secretary’s desk !

“U like my big cock Darcy?” I said loud enough so it could be heard on the speaker

“oh fuck yes … spread me … fuck me …work my slut hole … GOD … all of it …HARDER … fuck me harder !!

I heard a click and saw the door open a crack …

“Tell me slut … u like eating pussy as much as u like me fucking you”

“oh yes … I want to suck on you .. eat you . have u cum on my face” Janet moan.

“I bet u want that sweet thing out front … her pussy in your face ,,, eating it !” I said as I saw her standing off to the side, her skirt up, panties down … rubbing herself.

“if u keep fucking me .. I would eat her pussy .. her ass .. anything u want .. “ moaned Darcy

“Good ! “ she said pushing the chair back and sitting down throwing her legs over the arms.

Wrapping her fingers in Darcy’s hair, she worked her head all over her gash .. giving Darcy a cum facial ….

When her face was coated … they grabbed poor Darcy and got her on the floor … and as one eat her the other feed her wet pussy … her moaning was so loud .. it was like a vibrator on their poor clits !!


“You know I can still almost feel her eating me ! “Suzy said with a laugh.

They looked up to see Janet walking over ..

“Hi” she said with a smile, “I am Janet .. a good friend of Darcy’s”

His Dirty Mother ...

They were living upstairs at his mothers till their new apartment was ready. She had found her mother-in-laws diary by accident and could not believe what it said !

“Found a fuck video of my Tom’s … I have spent all day in my bed watching it .. watching her sucking my badies cock .. so hard … oh god .. my pussy aches .. I spend all days .. fucking myself over and over … want his cock so .. and want him to watch me eat her too !”

That evening she lead him downstairs .. naked .. to just outside her room.

“I want u to fuck me Tom .. right outside her door .. I find it hot to know she is just on the other side …”she whispered.

Tom was so hard, knowing she might hear them, as he buried his cock into her .. pumping her.

Cindy gave the door a push .. and as the door opened .. there was Tom fucking her from behind as on the bed was his mother … them on her TV .. and her working a long rubber cock out of her !

“On the bed Tom and let her ride that cock of yours .. and I want you eating me .. as I suck on her tongue”

Yummmm !!!

Getting his Wish ... long and hard ....

Darcy had shared Ken's stories with Tom about guy/guy sex in a hotel room and could not believe how hard he got. She had role played with him having the three of them together and Tom was like an animal fucking her.
So she decided to make it happen ...
There had planned a weekend getaway in one of Dallas finest hotels and she had gotten this room as it had a great view of the section of the hotel right across from them. You could see a good two dozen rooms fairly well and knew this would add a whole level of kinky to what she had in mind.

Ken had arrived that afternoon and was waiting out of sight in the bathroom for them to return when he heard them enter the room …

“What a great meal dear, now I want dessert … here’s a blindfold .. let me tie it on .. now over to the bed .. that’s it … I want to strip u and then I’m tying you to the bed” she said as she lead him over and I came in, sitting down in the chair across the room.

I watched as she stripped him, showing me his hard cock and cute ass, and watched as I did the same .. sitting back down hard and so turned on.

Opening a bottle of oil, she poured it all over his cheat, down across his stomach, then holding his cock, poured it all over it also.

“Oh Tom, I can’t wait till he comes over … garbs this .. swallows it .. as he lowers his cock to your face .. feeding u !” Darcy said as she used one hand to pump his cock and the other to play with his nipples.

“God Darcy … I want to taste you .. let him watch me eat your pussy and ass .. and you stroke me ! “ moaned Tom

Darcy got on top of Tom lowering pussy onto his face …

“Oh god your soaked … u love this as much as I do thinking Kens Here !”

“Oh baby … just eat me … let me stroke that cock of yours” she said as she motioned for me to come to the bed. She took my hand and placed it around his cock and I ran it up and down his shaft as she leaned forward and kissed me.
We listened as Tom moaned telling us how I was stroking his cock not even knowing I really was ! Taking my other hand I started playing with his hole with my fingers … begging for “Ken” not to do that .. knowing just how much he wanted me to.

“Oh baby .. I want him to finger fuck that tight hole of yours ! and at that I started to ,, first two fingers … then three .. then four …

She had her ass right down on his face … and watched as I worked his hole good !!

“Its time tom for you to get that hard cock to suck you have always wanted … let me get off .. and slip on my toy cock “ as she smiled at me know just what was about to happen

I replaced her on the bed … his cock all hard and waiting

“I will start sucking u and I want u to open your mouth WIDE as I want to get all of my cock in fast so u can suck me !!”

I lowered myself down and taking his cock right at my mouth and mine just over his I looked at Darcy and nodded …

“Well baby .. Ken is ready to feed you .. and know what baby ?? she asked.

“No what?” he asked

“He’s really here !” she said as I shoved it into his mouth and took all of his in mine ! Tom went wild, pumping his hips and sucking me like a starving man !

“Oh you two fuckers … give it to each other … that’s it … I am dripping down my legs .. watch the two of you … that’s right Ken .. open his hole as u suck him .. I can’t wait to watch the two of you ass fucking the other ! OH GOD … I’m cumming !”

Pulling back off his cock …

“Get ready Tom .. I’m, close .. all ready to feed u .. and I want Darcy to watch your load hit my face ! “
“Feed him Ken … oh god … its running out the corners of his mouth .. that’s it feed him … oh GOD … your cumming all over Kens face … his rubbing your cock all over it as you cum .. its covered … and now he’s sucking the rest down !”

She had started out as an office temp but was now his full time admin. Marlisa was very shy and quiet and seldom said a thing to Ken as she worked outside his office. She had a nice figure, he supposed, but she seldom wore anything other than conservative.
One day Ken came out of his office to see Marlisa flying out the office door with one of the other gals, as her car had just been broken into in the office parking lot.
Ken went to her desk to get some files and looked up to see the following on the screen
“Cindy, this is the hottest story you have ever sent me … I am soaked … even used my panties wrapped around my stapler as a dildo … been sitting her using it on myself as my boss has been on a call. The story of that girl being tied up and used like that is the hottest .. makes my nipples and pussy ache .. if I could .. I would ..” and the note ended.
Hummm .. so lets see what got her so hot … hummmmm .. interesting .. well maybe we can just make this happen” Ken thought as he read the note.
That Friday Ken invited Marlisa to a lunch time PA review. At the end of the lunch, he slipped something into her drink so as they reached her car, she passed out in his arms. Placing her in his car, he took her to his place.
Waking up Marlisa opened her eyes to find herself suspended, tied up and bound, her breast hanging down, nipples rock hard, her hands behind her back, her legs tied, and a hard cock brass hook imbedded in her tight little ass .
Turning her head she found Ken beside her … slowly rocking her back and forth.
“Oh god .. don’t .. let me be .. “ as he rocked her.
“You sure of that?” as Ken grabbed a nipple I each hand, and pulling on each, pulled her forward letting her swing back. The ropes rubbed across her breasts, across her clit and the hook … worked its way in and out of her ass.
Within a minute Marlisa was moaning, her nipples so hard, and the smell of a women getting VERY wet!
“Oh god .. what are u doing to be … my clits on fire .. that hook .. its so big … so cold. so hard .. oh FUCk .. I’m cumming again !”
As she swung further and further back and forth, Marlisa was leaving a wet trail on the floor below as she was just cumming and cumming. Her ass had most of the hook up it and she was begging for more !
“ Fuck me you bastard .. more … I want more … “
Ken leaned back … his hard cock sticking up .. and using her pigtails .. guided her onto his cock. She opened up and took it all … what a good slut !
“Dear Marlisa, will be a LONG weekend .. I plan to use u well … this cock is going up that ass of your next .. I even have an extra long stapler I plan to slide up there ! Bet you can’t wait !”
At that, Marlisa came again … and again … and again

Her Day at the Spa

Karen's GF had told her about a private spa she knew of that catered to just women, meeting their "special needs" is what she said . She decided to make an appointment and see if it was as good as she said. Arriving she signed up for the complete package and proceeded to have the face wraps, foot massage, spa and hot tub. By the afternoon she was so relaxed and almost ready to fall asleep.
Diane, her masseuse, had touched just about every inch of her during the day, and she was daydreaming what it would be like to have the rest touched !
"Karen, there are some new clothes as part of the visit, they are in changing room. Try them on and lets see"
In the room was a sexy bra, panties and stockings. She slipped them on and came back in.
"Oh by, you look good Karen" said Diane as she slowly ran her hands over the stockings, and over the front of her panties, her finger finding her slit, pushing in, finding it getting wet.
"Looks like Karen wants me to massage this some, do you??" she asked
"I can't its not right" she moaned but not very firmly.
Diane now had a hand down the front and back of the panties, her fingers finding both of Karen’s hot little holes .. and her moaning for Diane to stop.
"Don't Diane, not both ... oh god .. I've never done this with a women before ... oh yes !!!"
Diane pushed Karen back into a chair, pulling her bra and panties off, exposing her. The chair was right in front of the window, overlooking a dozen lounge chairs, many filled with women at the spa.
As Diane buried her face between Karen's legs, she could she 8 or 9 faces turned watching her. her hands finding Diana's head, she pressed it against her sex.
"Yes ! eat me ... spread me .. I want to cum on your face ... spread my legs wide .. oh god .. they are all watching me ! Oh yes .. my ass .. that’s amazing !"
Karen never had such a great massage !!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Erotic dream being taken ...

Erotic dream ... that I was a wood elf .. and captured by a wolf man ... oh god ... made to suck and fuck him ... his cock up my ass ... so hot ... and thick ... taken doggy style !! He finds me in the woods ..... he makes me suck on his cock .. Watch it grow out of its sheath ... all red and hot ... gets down .. and uses his long rough tongue on my tender hole ... feel it snaking in ... opening me ... then he slides his cock in ... and knots with me ... feel him pumping me full ... slides his cock in ... and holds me up ... oh god .... I wake up .. my chest and stomach covered in cream ...

In the pool ...

Sarah had her GF's over in the back yard hot tub, making too much noise as always!
"You girls need to hold it down some" I said from the window
"What you going to do, spank us?" One replied back
I went out to the hot tub and as Sarah watched in shock, the three of them stood up topless !
"You going to spank us? Like u spank that cock of yours at your computer at night?? We watch all of the time when we are over ... we can hear the video's u watch .. see you lean back .. how hard u get .. how big your balls are ... we all cum watching you ... especially Sarah ... she loves watching you use her dildo up your ass ... you going to get in here? teach us a lesson? Oh god he’s getting in … taking his trucks off ..he’s naked !... its bigger than I thought .. oh god ... fuck me ... let them all watch ... !"

Honey .. I'm home !

We had two guys working on a deck in the back ... was going to be gone all day but ended up coming home a few hours early ... walked in and found them and my wife Laurie in the living room.
"God Mark .. so glad you caught her in her bedroom fucking herself as she watched me working ... man u should feel her sucking my cock ... oh that’s right ... damm .. she's a dirty one .. her fingers are working my hole ..oh god .. she’s in my ass ! FUCK her Mark ... feed her your cock .... the bitch is moaning on my cock ... that’s it baby ... drink that cum ... maybe we should make her husband eat her out ... oh fuck ! she's nodding yes ! Maybe we should fuck him like we are you .. oh god ... she's nodding yes again ... "
"Honey I'm home" as I walk in ...

"I told you Sarah, surprising my Dad in bed would be fun ! His cock looks tasty,,,, is it? Oh god .. he's eating both of my holes Sarah ... oh fuck ..I'm cumming again ... Oh Daddy ... u like by ass don't u ... wait till you slide your cock into the two of us .. we are going to be SO tight !!! Sarah's a good cock suckers, isn't she Daddy? ... want to know a secret? She learned on her older brother ! Cum Daddy ... that’s right .. feed Sarah !"

Teaching her a lesson ..

My sister-in-law was the biggest cock tease u ever met. Always half naked .. showing me her ass ... her tits .. found her private blog one day and all it was about was hard black cocks fucking her every hole. She told in great detail how she wanted them to strip her, make her suck them .. and as each got hard .. find a hole to fuck. So I arranged for 3 black guys to surprise her and take her. I came in at the side of the living room and listened.
"oh god stop ... don't .. don't fuck me with that .. oh god ... no .. I can't ... I can't cum AGAIN on it ... oh noooooooooo ... you fuckers ... fucking me like this ... oh god ... NO .. not may ass ... of GOD .. your SPLITING me ... oh yesss ... fuck me you black bastards ... oh god ... both my holes ... I can't suck u ... I can't ! Oh god ... oh god ... no ... don't ... oh fuck !! You bastards ... fill them all at once !!!
So they did !

Making him moan ...

"that’s right baby ... fuck his tight ass ... I told u watching him eating me would get you hot ... fuck his hole HARD ... that’s right ... oh Ken .. eat me ... oh fuck ... look how hard he is ... he's loving it .... FUCK him Dan .. fuck his Dad ass ... that’s right .... he's married ... bet that gets you harder ... here Ken ... eat my ass .. GOD that feels good ... deeper ... garb his cock Dan .. pump it ! That’s it Dan ... stand him up some .. that’s it ... let me slide down .. I want his cock .. I want to suck it as he cums ... OK Ken ... time for u to get a ass full ... boy look at his cock leaking ... here it cums !"

She had been surfing the web when she found my stories ... her Mom was down stairs making dinner, as she was upstairs soaking her bed. She felt so slutty reading about the coach being eaten by her student, she could not stop pulling on her clit and hard nipples !

About me ....

I enjoy erotic stories .. I enjoy erotic sex ... I am open to just about all kinds of sex except ones involving pain .... and I like to add captions or short stories to pictures ... This blog will be based on that along with some longer stories ... looking forward to comments !!