Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Her Day at the Spa

Karen's GF had told her about a private spa she knew of that catered to just women, meeting their "special needs" is what she said . She decided to make an appointment and see if it was as good as she said. Arriving she signed up for the complete package and proceeded to have the face wraps, foot massage, spa and hot tub. By the afternoon she was so relaxed and almost ready to fall asleep.
Diane, her masseuse, had touched just about every inch of her during the day, and she was daydreaming what it would be like to have the rest touched !
"Karen, there are some new clothes as part of the visit, they are in changing room. Try them on and lets see"
In the room was a sexy bra, panties and stockings. She slipped them on and came back in.
"Oh by, you look good Karen" said Diane as she slowly ran her hands over the stockings, and over the front of her panties, her finger finding her slit, pushing in, finding it getting wet.
"Looks like Karen wants me to massage this some, do you??" she asked
"I can't its not right" she moaned but not very firmly.
Diane now had a hand down the front and back of the panties, her fingers finding both of Karen’s hot little holes .. and her moaning for Diane to stop.
"Don't Diane, not both ... oh god .. I've never done this with a women before ... oh yes !!!"
Diane pushed Karen back into a chair, pulling her bra and panties off, exposing her. The chair was right in front of the window, overlooking a dozen lounge chairs, many filled with women at the spa.
As Diane buried her face between Karen's legs, she could she 8 or 9 faces turned watching her. her hands finding Diana's head, she pressed it against her sex.
"Yes ! eat me ... spread me .. I want to cum on your face ... spread my legs wide .. oh god .. they are all watching me ! Oh yes .. my ass .. that’s amazing !"
Karen never had such a great massage !!

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