Wednesday, April 28, 2010

She had no idea ...

Tom emailed me a month ago saying he loved my blog and stories.

Turned out we were both from the same area and started chatting each evening. That quickly lead to some hot phone sex where we both cammed and came together watching the others cock get hard from stroking and then cum together.

A week ago he said a friend wanted to join us as we cammed and as the cam started saw it was a cute gal about 25. She quickly joined him naked on cam, playing with his cock as we cammed and talked by phone. Her name was Diane and she said how hot it was making her to be doing this and even hotter listening to us talk about 69’ing together …. Our cocks in the others mouth .. filling them with cum as she watched and came !

As I watched, I said, "Diane, I want to see u suck his cock." She said we never have but sure, why not ! Watched as she went down on him and sucked him off .. and here was our chat

Ken: Look at her swallow all of that … damm looks good
Tom: You have NO IDEA how good this is
Ken: Wish she was swallowing my cock
Tom: Never thought she would mine
Ken: Why not?
Tom: Diane .. is my younger sister .. HERE I CUM!

I watched and listen as he filled her mouth … and gave her his hot load.

We connected again Friday to chat and he said Diane wants us to get together, she is hot to watch us. I asked Tom did she know I knew she was your sister. He said no, but since that night she has sucked him off at least twice a day, says she loves the taste of my cum !

Saturday night I went to his apartment and met the two of them. They had a porn flick on the TV and in short order we were naked, on the couch, her in the middle, each sucking a nipple and and fingering her pussy. She came a couple of times between us and with our cocks rock hard … said I want to watch the two of you.

Tom layed on a table feet in the air .. and I speard his legs, opened his ass, and she watched as I eat him, him moaning and begging for more. I felt her rubbing lube over my cock and then she squirted some in his ass.

“God Ken, I am so hot .. fuck his ass .. I want to see u take him!”

“Can’t wait, I want u on top of him, sucking his cock and u can get a good view of me fucking his ass”

I watched as she got on top of him, his cock in her mouth and watched her eyes open wide as I worked my cock up his ass. It was so tight and felt so good!

As I was working my cock in and out, Tom was moaning a steady “Oh god, Oh god, Oh god, Oh god, Oh god, Oh god !” as his ass was taken and she worked on his cock.

“Diane, which is hotter, you watching me take Tom tight ass? .. or you sucking your brothers cock?”

Her head snapped up …”You know?” she said

Pushing her head down, right to his balls and my cock tight to his ass …”and wait till he fucks you tonight!”

Tom exploded at hearing that and Diane started a low moaning wail as she came also as Tom pumped her mouth full of cum !

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