Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Soccer Mom ... being taught

Janet had been attending soccer practice for her son the last few weeks and did not know a soul on the team. The other parents seemed to all know each other so she kind of hung off to the side by herself.

Debbie and Suzy I noticed her day one !

“Damm … what a cute ass … and those tits … have to be 38D … I bet she would be something naked !” said Suzy as Debbie stood close to her watching the game.

“Even better would be me on her face and u between those legs … bet u my last dollar she has NEVER done that either ! I bet she is just like Darcy was last year. Once we managed to get her naked and her mouth on my pussy .. she went wild … got to be she would be eating me in the van as the game was on .. I made her buy the biggest strap-on she could find .. was a big black cock .. 12” long … wore it under my jeans one day … visited her at her office one afternoon .. her secretary gave me the BIGGEST smile when I went in .. got her naked … across her desk .. her head in the seat of her chair .. me working that cock into her … then I reached over and turned her intercom on .. to her secretary’s desk !

“U like my big cock Darcy?” I said loud enough so it could be heard on the speaker

“oh fuck yes … spread me … fuck me …work my slut hole … GOD … all of it …HARDER … fuck me harder !!

I heard a click and saw the door open a crack …

“Tell me slut … u like eating pussy as much as u like me fucking you”

“oh yes … I want to suck on you .. eat you . have u cum on my face” Janet moan.

“I bet u want that sweet thing out front … her pussy in your face ,,, eating it !” I said as I saw her standing off to the side, her skirt up, panties down … rubbing herself.

“if u keep fucking me .. I would eat her pussy .. her ass .. anything u want .. “ moaned Darcy

“Good ! “ she said pushing the chair back and sitting down throwing her legs over the arms.

Wrapping her fingers in Darcy’s hair, she worked her head all over her gash .. giving Darcy a cum facial ….

When her face was coated … they grabbed poor Darcy and got her on the floor … and as one eat her the other feed her wet pussy … her moaning was so loud .. it was like a vibrator on their poor clits !!


“You know I can still almost feel her eating me ! “Suzy said with a laugh.

They looked up to see Janet walking over ..

“Hi” she said with a smile, “I am Janet .. a good friend of Darcy’s”

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