Sunday, April 25, 2010

Teaching her a lesson ..

My sister-in-law was the biggest cock tease u ever met. Always half naked .. showing me her ass ... her tits .. found her private blog one day and all it was about was hard black cocks fucking her every hole. She told in great detail how she wanted them to strip her, make her suck them .. and as each got hard .. find a hole to fuck. So I arranged for 3 black guys to surprise her and take her. I came in at the side of the living room and listened.
"oh god stop ... don't .. don't fuck me with that .. oh god ... no .. I can't ... I can't cum AGAIN on it ... oh noooooooooo ... you fuckers ... fucking me like this ... oh god ... NO .. not may ass ... of GOD .. your SPLITING me ... oh yesss ... fuck me you black bastards ... oh god ... both my holes ... I can't suck u ... I can't ! Oh god ... oh god ... no ... don't ... oh fuck !! You bastards ... fill them all at once !!!
So they did !

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