Tuesday, April 27, 2010

His Dirty Mother ...

They were living upstairs at his mothers till their new apartment was ready. She had found her mother-in-laws diary by accident and could not believe what it said !

“Found a fuck video of my Tom’s … I have spent all day in my bed watching it .. watching her sucking my badies cock .. so hard … oh god .. my pussy aches .. I spend all days .. fucking myself over and over … want his cock so .. and want him to watch me eat her too !”

That evening she lead him downstairs .. naked .. to just outside her room.

“I want u to fuck me Tom .. right outside her door .. I find it hot to know she is just on the other side …”she whispered.

Tom was so hard, knowing she might hear them, as he buried his cock into her .. pumping her.

Cindy gave the door a push .. and as the door opened .. there was Tom fucking her from behind as on the bed was his mother … them on her TV .. and her working a long rubber cock out of her !

“On the bed Tom and let her ride that cock of yours .. and I want you eating me .. as I suck on her tongue”

Yummmm !!!

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