Tuesday, April 27, 2010

god I am glad she never shuts up

“Pulling into the hotel parking lot, Laurie just can’t keep her mouth shut. Car beside us bangs there door against us. She starts bitching and complaining to the three black men in the car. They try to say they are sorry, but does she stop, not her ! Complain, complain, complain!”

We head to the room and as we enter, they are just coming thru the doorway from the other direction. Before I know it, they push us into the room!”

“ok bitch, you want something to complain about .. complain with this in your mouth !”

One grabs me, pushes me into a chair and says don’t move. They strip her and themselves. My god ! All three have over twice the cock I have! They quickly shut her up by filling her mouth with cock, and then her pussy from behind. They are slapping her ass as they fuck her !

“Damm boys, the juice is just running out of her ! She must be creaming on some black cock for the first time !”

As I watch them doing her, I strip and sit on the side of the bed.

“You boys going to ass fuck her? She’s never had one up the ass but I bet she is ready now!” I said as I stroked my cock

As one pulled out of her mouth, he slides down an they lift her onto his cock .. and the other lined it up with her ass.

“You bastards would not dare fuck my ass … SWEET JESUS ! “ she wailed as I watched the whole length fill her. She started to wail and moan .. as they double fucked her on the two cocks.

I leaned over to suck on her tit .. my hard cock bobbing up and down.

“Hey Clyde, I see some white ass for u!”

Pushing me down so I was across her back .. feeling her being fucked below me .. I was moaning as his cock spread me …

“Oh fuck … oh fuck … oh god !! My ass … is … so .. full … OH FUCK .. here I cum!!!”
They stayed and fucked us most of the weekend … god I am glad she never shuts up !!!

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