Tuesday, April 27, 2010

She had started out as an office temp but was now his full time admin. Marlisa was very shy and quiet and seldom said a thing to Ken as she worked outside his office. She had a nice figure, he supposed, but she seldom wore anything other than conservative.
One day Ken came out of his office to see Marlisa flying out the office door with one of the other gals, as her car had just been broken into in the office parking lot.
Ken went to her desk to get some files and looked up to see the following on the screen
“Cindy, this is the hottest story you have ever sent me … I am soaked … even used my panties wrapped around my stapler as a dildo … been sitting her using it on myself as my boss has been on a call. The story of that girl being tied up and used like that is the hottest .. makes my nipples and pussy ache .. if I could .. I would ..” and the note ended.
Hummm .. so lets see what got her so hot … hummmmm .. interesting .. well maybe we can just make this happen” Ken thought as he read the note.
That Friday Ken invited Marlisa to a lunch time PA review. At the end of the lunch, he slipped something into her drink so as they reached her car, she passed out in his arms. Placing her in his car, he took her to his place.
Waking up Marlisa opened her eyes to find herself suspended, tied up and bound, her breast hanging down, nipples rock hard, her hands behind her back, her legs tied, and a hard cock brass hook imbedded in her tight little ass .
Turning her head she found Ken beside her … slowly rocking her back and forth.
“Oh god .. don’t .. let me be .. “ as he rocked her.
“You sure of that?” as Ken grabbed a nipple I each hand, and pulling on each, pulled her forward letting her swing back. The ropes rubbed across her breasts, across her clit and the hook … worked its way in and out of her ass.
Within a minute Marlisa was moaning, her nipples so hard, and the smell of a women getting VERY wet!
“Oh god .. what are u doing to be … my clits on fire .. that hook .. its so big … so cold. so hard .. oh FUCk .. I’m cumming again !”
As she swung further and further back and forth, Marlisa was leaving a wet trail on the floor below as she was just cumming and cumming. Her ass had most of the hook up it and she was begging for more !
“ Fuck me you bastard .. more … I want more … “
Ken leaned back … his hard cock sticking up .. and using her pigtails .. guided her onto his cock. She opened up and took it all … what a good slut !
“Dear Marlisa, will be a LONG weekend .. I plan to use u well … this cock is going up that ass of your next .. I even have an extra long stapler I plan to slide up there ! Bet you can’t wait !”
At that, Marlisa came again … and again … and again

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