Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Dot and Ginger ....

We arrived at out vacation house on the thousand island on Saturday night and as we unpacked chatted with our two neighbors who were doing the same. We had us plus 4 of our older kids with us while they were two women about 40 having a weekend away from the families. They were Dorothy (Dot) and Ginger. Both were around 40, Dot was taller and slender but with an impressive set of breasts (guessing 38D) while Ginger was a typical BBW with an infectious laugh and a set that just wanted to escape her top.

We had dinner and headed off to bed. Our two houses were only about 20 feet apart and we commented that maybe we should put on a show for them.

We had a four poster bed and when I came into the bedroom, Laurie was just finishing getting into her nighty. I pushed her onto the bed and proceeded to tie her legs to two of the posts. I made sure the lights were on as I proceeded to eat her wet pussy out. I found the double headed toy we like to play with and proceeded to use it on her, fucking her with it as I sucked on her nipples.

“Oh fuck, that’s feels GREAT .. keep fucking me “ she moaned

“I hope they can see you … being fucked … know what a horny slut you are !” As I worked it in and out …

I then stripped, and getting on top of her … feed my cock into her mouth … as I spread her wet hole and eat her … we were both so hot .. thinking they could see us .. and we soon came in the others mouth !

Next day the 3 older kids decided to play golf at a nearby course while the women went into Watertown to shop leaving me to relax at home for a couple of hours.

I had gone outside to clean up the grill where I found Dot doing the same.

“Hey there” she said “I see they have abandoned you!”

“Yep, home alone … and hopefully stay out of trouble” I replied

“I can imagine the trouble you can get into !” she laughed

“Did the two of you find much on last night to watch?” I asked wondering what she would reply.

“Oh, we did, and it was highly entertaining. In fact, I know I for one enjoyed it so much, I would love seeing it again “ She said with a smile.

I bet you did !” I laughed

At that point Ginger came out of the house wearing a two piece suit and what a sight that was!

She was about to burst out of the top and the bottom was just as small. She was a very pleasantly plump women with a nice set of breasts and a cute ass but in the two piece was almost naked.

“What you two chatting about?” she asked

“I am sure Ken is wondering what is keeping you in that suit! “ She replied with a laugh noticing how I was staring at Ginger.

“I doubt Ken minds ! Do you mind?” she replied.

“Not at all … you look fine to me ! Love the sights !” I replied.

“In that case, we have some cold wine coolers we are having, come join us !” as she turned and headed in her bottom of her suit swallows by her ample cheeks. I could not believe how good she looked walking up the steps.

“We both watched you last night.” Dot whispered to be as we went in. “We were both very naughty watching you”

“Then maybe you two should put a show on for me” I replied as I went in.

Finding myself on the screened front porch with the two of them. Ginger was across from me with her legs spread. Her suit barely covered her crotch and it was easy to see it was already wet. Her top was just two handful squares of thing cloth barely covering her brown circles around her nipples.

Dot had on a thin low cut top, braless with a short skirt. With the view I was getting her pussy looked very bare !

“We were so hot last night we could HARDLY stand it !” said Ginger as she took the cold wine cooler and rubbed it against her neck.

“We had to do more than that to cool off !”laughed Dot as she was doing the same.

“Oh really?” I replied as I felt myself starting to stiffen watching the two of them. Both Ginger and Dot were rubbing the bottles over their necks and they were both sporting some rock hard nipples!

“What else did you do to cool off?” I asked

“This” said Ginger as she proceeded to take the bottle and work it down between her breasts, rubbing them, and moaning.

“God this feels good … we were both so HOT last night .. watching you .. watching the two of you fucking .. we could not stop touching ourselves.. rubbing ourselves .. like this !”

I watched as the two of them started using the bottles to fuck their breasts, them run them over their nipples, moaning .. watch as Ginger spread her legs wider, the little patch soaked … and could smell them both !

Leaning over I took my bottle, sticking it into the front of Gingers top, and used it to peel her top down exposing her nipples … and stocked them with the bottle !

“Oh GOD Dot … I’m cumming !! “ and them she REALLY soaked her suit !

Dot had leaned back and was working her nipple with the bottle and pulling on her other nipple .. and her legs spread showing me her bald wet pussy !

“IS Dot’s pussy on fire?” I asked as she nodded yes.

“This will help!” As I tilted the wine cooler bottle and as it poured out, slide it into her pussy. She moaned and lifted her pussy up so I could slide the bottle in deeper.

“Her Dot .. show Ginger and I how u like your pussy cooled .. and fucked !”

Taking the bottle she started fucking herself as Ginger and I watched .. my cock as so hard, so I slide my shorts off and turned toward Ginger.

“Time for you to suck some cock Ginger … and watch Dot fucking herself !”

Gingers mouth was quickly full of cock and boy could she suck ! The two of them were something for the next hour as the boy sucked cock and both got a chance to sit on my lap and get fucked. Loved watching them eat each other as I fucked the other.

They were so hot and dirty !

Ginger surprised me while I was fucking Dot and got her tongue up between my cheeks and eat my ass … was so hot .. had me moaning ….

“This making u hot Ken .. getting your ass eaten?” She asked from behind me …

“Fuck YES .. eat me .. oh god … yes .. finger my hole .. more ! Use 2 or 3 fingers … FUCK that feels god !

“Then u will LOVE this ! “said Ginger as she tipped a wine cooler and I felt it open my hole, the cold wine running in … and it just made me harder !

“OH GOD .. fuck me with that !”

So she did … god I loved it!


  1. You know that photo caught my eye...and I never got to the story. Yummy girls.

  2. You know that photo caught my eye...and I never got to the story. Yummy girls.