Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Patty Jane Smith was pissed.

Patty Jane Smith was pissed.

She had no idea where she was, all she knew was she could not move her arms or legs and she was partially dressed as she could tell she was topless and bottomless, as the coolness on her shaved pussy told her.

Patty was the chairman of the local PTA, was on the town council and had just run for mayor of their town. She was ultra right wing conservative who had run on a platform that TV / radio / music was ruining their kids now adays. She also had run that gays and lesbians were all evil.

She tired to move but both her arms and legs were chained to something and she was spread wide .. and exposed.

"Today you get to learn a few things about what you think you know but you don't ... like this for example" said a female voice.

Oh god, Patty thought, as she felt a mouth go over her left nipple, biting it and then chewing on it as it was sucked!

"Stop, oh god, don't .... I never .. its wrong ... oh god ... " moaned Patty as the women worked on one then the other nipple. Sucking one as she rolled and pinched the other. Over and over, the women worked Patty hard nipples over till they were so hard and sensitive. Patty had struggled at first knowing it was so wrong, but after a about 10 minutes Patty's moaning had changed to someone getting very worked up !

"But you never had a women do that to you before, have u" the voice asked. Patty did not answer, but she did as her nipples were twisted.

"Please don't .. no never .. would never ... its wrong ... its evil ... your evil ... oh GOD ... don't !! screamed Patty.

The women had started running her fingers over Patty's slit and clit. Both were so wet, Patty knew that, and was so ashamed, and also so turned on. It was so evil her feeling like this, the feeling as her clit was touched and rubbed by this women .. oh GOD ... she was cumming !

Patty felt her pussy exploded as the women rubbed harder and harder over her wet hole and clit ... and came and came .. the juices running down her legs ... and still the women worked her clit over !

Patty lost track of the times she came, the women just kept fingering her wet hole, pulling on her clit ... and telling her what a horny slut she was .. a mother ... women of the community .. who was laying on the floor ... while another women .. jilled her off... the more she talked .. the harder Patty came !!

Them the rubbing stopped ... Patty felt her blindfold being removed ... of God .. the women was her oldest daughters Debbie's best friends Jill's mother ... Laurie !

"Oh Patty .. I always knew you would love girl sex ... even thought you always said you were so against it !" said Laurie, as she ran her hand over Patty's wet sex.

"Don't Laurie .. you can't ... no .. stop ... oh GOD .. you can't do that ... oh FUCK ... no !! " moaned Patty as Laurie buried her face between Patty's legs ... rubbing her face in her sex .. feeling Patty cum ... and her fingers getting between her cheeks ... finding her tight hole .. working some fingers in .. feeling Patty bucking up and down ... forcing them in ... and her cumming ...

"Eat me ... eat me you bastard ... make me cum ... oh FUCK ... make me your slut .. of GOD ... yes ! fuck my ass ... do me .. hard ... oh YES ... eat me u dyke ... make me cum !" Patty moaned as she came all over Laurie’s face !

Laurie stood and walked over ... kneeled down .. spread her legs .. and placed her wet pussy inches from Patty's face.

"I can't .. I've never ... U wouldn't .. would u?" Said Patty as Laurie got closer and closer ..

"I will not make u .. but I want to tell you a secret ... I love having my pussy eaten ... and my favorite little pussy muncher .. is Jill she loves Mommy's wet pussy ... and I love hers !"

Patty could feel her pussy flood with the image of Jill between her mothers legs ... eating her !

"and almost as nice ... is last week ... Jill had a friend join us ... and she was our little fuck toy .. we eat her ... and fucked her .. all day ... and she was just as much fun as her mother is right now !"

"Oh god !!!!!" moaned Patty as she came again knowing her daughter had eaten this women out ... !

"So the question is ... if you eat me right now .. I will let you eat both of them tonight when they are at my place doing homework .. in Jills room .. naked .. on Jills bed ... 69'ing .. u will love watching .. and can eat which ever one you want ... all you have to do is .. tell me want some pussy ... well do you?"

Patty could not answer ... as her face was BURIED in Laurie’s wet hole ...knowing her daughter would be next !!!

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