Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Getting his Wish ... long and hard ....

Darcy had shared Ken's stories with Tom about guy/guy sex in a hotel room and could not believe how hard he got. She had role played with him having the three of them together and Tom was like an animal fucking her.
So she decided to make it happen ...
There had planned a weekend getaway in one of Dallas finest hotels and she had gotten this room as it had a great view of the section of the hotel right across from them. You could see a good two dozen rooms fairly well and knew this would add a whole level of kinky to what she had in mind.

Ken had arrived that afternoon and was waiting out of sight in the bathroom for them to return when he heard them enter the room …

“What a great meal dear, now I want dessert … here’s a blindfold .. let me tie it on .. now over to the bed .. that’s it … I want to strip u and then I’m tying you to the bed” she said as she lead him over and I came in, sitting down in the chair across the room.

I watched as she stripped him, showing me his hard cock and cute ass, and watched as I did the same .. sitting back down hard and so turned on.

Opening a bottle of oil, she poured it all over his cheat, down across his stomach, then holding his cock, poured it all over it also.

“Oh Tom, I can’t wait till he comes over … garbs this .. swallows it .. as he lowers his cock to your face .. feeding u !” Darcy said as she used one hand to pump his cock and the other to play with his nipples.

“God Darcy … I want to taste you .. let him watch me eat your pussy and ass .. and you stroke me ! “ moaned Tom

Darcy got on top of Tom lowering pussy onto his face …

“Oh god your soaked … u love this as much as I do thinking Kens Here !”

“Oh baby … just eat me … let me stroke that cock of yours” she said as she motioned for me to come to the bed. She took my hand and placed it around his cock and I ran it up and down his shaft as she leaned forward and kissed me.
We listened as Tom moaned telling us how I was stroking his cock not even knowing I really was ! Taking my other hand I started playing with his hole with my fingers … begging for “Ken” not to do that .. knowing just how much he wanted me to.

“Oh baby .. I want him to finger fuck that tight hole of yours ! and at that I started to ,, first two fingers … then three .. then four …

She had her ass right down on his face … and watched as I worked his hole good !!

“Its time tom for you to get that hard cock to suck you have always wanted … let me get off .. and slip on my toy cock “ as she smiled at me know just what was about to happen

I replaced her on the bed … his cock all hard and waiting

“I will start sucking u and I want u to open your mouth WIDE as I want to get all of my cock in fast so u can suck me !!”

I lowered myself down and taking his cock right at my mouth and mine just over his I looked at Darcy and nodded …

“Well baby .. Ken is ready to feed you .. and know what baby ?? she asked.

“No what?” he asked

“He’s really here !” she said as I shoved it into his mouth and took all of his in mine ! Tom went wild, pumping his hips and sucking me like a starving man !

“Oh you two fuckers … give it to each other … that’s it … I am dripping down my legs .. watch the two of you … that’s right Ken .. open his hole as u suck him .. I can’t wait to watch the two of you ass fucking the other ! OH GOD … I’m cumming !”

Pulling back off his cock …

“Get ready Tom .. I’m, close .. all ready to feed u .. and I want Darcy to watch your load hit my face ! “
“Feed him Ken … oh god … its running out the corners of his mouth .. that’s it feed him … oh GOD … your cumming all over Kens face … his rubbing your cock all over it as you cum .. its covered … and now he’s sucking the rest down !”

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