Wednesday, April 28, 2010

SO GLAD I was able to catch you ....

Seemed like our neighbors daughter Jill, was at our house all of the time .. and hanging with my mother. We had lost power at work so we got sent home about 4 hours early.

Could hear music on as I came in the house and at the doorway of the living room I found her and Jill on the couch. Jill’s face was buried between her legs .. eating her out !

“Oh god …eat me … suck my cum Jill .. eat me like I caught you eating your Mom .. GOD .. love you eating me like that .. do a good job .. u would not want anyone to know would you .. oh GOD .. cumming again !”

I stripped, my hard cock in my hand, and walked to the edge of the couch.

Looking up in shock, Mom found my hard cock inches from her face ..

“Open wide Mom, looks like you will be sucking and fucking this a lot from now on ! SO GLAD I was able to catch you, I am sure you would not want anyone to know who has been eating u !”

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