Sunday, April 25, 2010

In the pool ...

Sarah had her GF's over in the back yard hot tub, making too much noise as always!
"You girls need to hold it down some" I said from the window
"What you going to do, spank us?" One replied back
I went out to the hot tub and as Sarah watched in shock, the three of them stood up topless !
"You going to spank us? Like u spank that cock of yours at your computer at night?? We watch all of the time when we are over ... we can hear the video's u watch .. see you lean back .. how hard u get .. how big your balls are ... we all cum watching you ... especially Sarah ... she loves watching you use her dildo up your ass ... you going to get in here? teach us a lesson? Oh god he’s getting in … taking his trucks off ..he’s naked !... its bigger than I thought .. oh god ... fuck me ... let them all watch ... !"

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