Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Who's there?

She felt so naughty, so sexy. Hot pink bra and panties ... and the mask she had been left on her bed. She did not know which of her 3 college roommates had left them, and the note to be dressed and have the mask on for her "visitor".
As the hour went on, she could not help but touch herself, her bra pulled down, playing with her nipples and pussy .. till she was as hot as a pistol.

She heard the door open, she sat on her bed .. waiting.

She could hear someone undressing .. but who was it???

She felt someone behind her .. felt two arms go around her found her waiting breast .. the other .. found her wetness.

She moaned as she was touched ... who was it .. could be any of them ....

"So sweet" said a voice

She did not know who it was .. but it sounded familiar

"I knew u were a hot little thing .. just needing a tender touch"

As the fingers buried themselves deep inside her, she realized who it was .. Scarlett's mother, who lived near the college.

"Cum for me, everyone is gone, you are all mine tonight !" and cum she did !

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