Thursday, January 12, 2012

Noisy Neighbors

Was enjoying the peace and quiet in a my chair at the camp site when a car went by, stopped about a hundred yards up the road, and they all piled out. Four of them, laughing and talking. Up went a tent and off they headed to explore. Oh well, maybe it would not be to bad.

Later that night, heard music, laughing, talking ... got curious, nosey really. Headed up, peeked thru the bushes ... found all four naked.

and fucking ... each other. They would fuck for a minute or two .. then switch ... all hard ... doing each other ... legs spread ... sucking and fucking

Slipped out of my clothes ... watched and stroked ... god it was hot !

Then one of them saw me ... and they grabbed me ...and I was tied over a chair ... my ass in the air ... where they found a very good use of my Daddy hole ...

So glad they had been noisy !

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