Monday, May 24, 2010

Being fed something juicy !

Sharon was going door to door selling coupons to raise money for her daughters cheerleading team. She had lost count of the house she had been to and it was getting close to dark. She figured this would be the last house.


The door opened and a women answered. They chatted and she agreed to buy some tickets. Sharon asked if she could get a drink of water ... the women said sure ... be right back. About 2 minutes later she appeared with a glass. Sharon drank it and the women said ... come in ..

"Let me write you a check"

Sharon sat down as the women looked and looked for her checkbook ... when all of a sudden Sharon felt wozzie ... and her head hit the table.

She awoke to the feeling of being unable to move ... and then realized she was almost naked and tied to a bed headboard ... she had a ball gag on ... and her stiff nipples each had a nipple clamp on them ... she looked down to find the women also almost naked ... working over her wet panties ... and then felt her mouth find her pussy ...

OH GOD .. she was eating her ... OH GOD ... her nipples were like rocks .. could feel the clamps ... her sucking on her .. her pulling the panties aside ... OH FUCK ... she was cumming into this women's mouth ... OH FUCK ... she was fingering her ...

"Don't worry ... I have all night ... I expect you to cum so many time u pass out ... and I will wake u back up ... tied the other way ... as I fuck u with my rubber cock ... I love eating Mommy pussy ... the kind that has never had a women eat it before ... "

OH YES ... cum again dear ... I see that is geting u hot .... wait till my two daughters get home ... I know they will enjoy u also ... Thats right ! Keep cumming !"

Sharon arched her back ... as the women opened her wide .. eating her ... OH GOD ... her daughters .. eating her ... making her eat them ... OH GOD .. she was cumming again !

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