Monday, June 14, 2010

Just what they wanted ..

Ken and Cass had decided to get away for the weekend and were at their favorite hotel having some drinks before heading upstairs. They were at a fairly secluded back booth and Ken had guided her head down to his waiting cock and she was busy working on it.
“That’s it babe … take it all … better keep that head down … or our waitress will know what you are having for dessert !”

Ken reached down and slowly pulled her dress up over her ass .. exposing her .. showing her off along with the tiny thong she had on.

Cass could feel the cool air on her hot pussy … and reached between her legs … to find her hard clit to play with. God she was soaked !!

Looking to his right, Ken could see a table with two couples watching them. Knowing this just made him harder !

“God you are being watched ! Pull your thong aside .. show them that shaved wet pussy of yours”

Cass could feel herself cumming as she showed them what a slut she was !

“Lets get out of here .. I want u upstairs … I’m ready to fuck u !” said Ken as they slid out and headed upstairs.

Just as they got to their room, and where about to enter, the two couples came around the corner.

“Hey there … we enjoyed the show .. the girls would love to see more !” said the tall one.

“Thanks”, replied Ken, “But I think we are done for the evening”

“We don’t” said the shorter one as they pushed Ken and Cass into the room, using their tie’s to bind their hands behind them.

“Strip them both “ one of the girls said …”I want to watch you two boys have a good time, and know Suzy and I want to !”

Cass and Ken struggled, but not very hard, as both were looking forward to this happening. Cass could hardly wait for two cocks at once and Ken was looking forward to the two gals as he watched them stripping also.

Quickly they were all naked … both guys sporting hard cocks … the tall guy had to have a good 8” one .. while both gals were shaved and the one had a whole row of piercings.

As Cass laid on the bed .. she was already spreading her legs ..looking forward to her fucking …

“You know boys” said Suzy as she reached out and ran her fingers thru Cass’s wetness … “She looks all ready for your cocks … I guess we will have to disappoint her for a bit.”

At that, Suzy got on the bed and sat down on her face … feeding her some pussy. The other gal bent her legs up and got between them .. and attacked her pussy like she was starving …

Within a minute the sounds of Cass cumming and cumming filled the room …along with Suzy cumming all over her face !

“Man .. look how hard his cock is … loves watching his women servicing our two … his cock is leaking cum just watching !”

Suzy turned and smiled “She is one GOOD pussy hound . she is really eating me out … You know what I LOVE watching .. so get going !”

At that, the two guys turned toward Ken, and as one started on his cock … the other got over Ken’s face and started feeding him his cock …

“Oh yes ! He is sucking me HARD … looks like he was looking for some cock … !”

The room was now filled with the sound of sucking .. until it was replaced with the sounds of fucking … as the one girl started fisting Cass .. and Ken was getting ass fucked !

Was a LONG evening as they both got used over and over !

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