Monday, June 14, 2010

Late at night ...

It was late, very late, almost 1am and Cass was just getting home from a business trip. She was tired, it had been raining, she was in a business suit that was now fairly soaked and she just wanted to get home and into bed.

She opened the front door quietly, lights off, as she knew her daughter would be upstairs asleep.
As she closed the door and turned she suddenly felt a strong hand go around her windpipe from behind and a low voice say “Quiet, u don’t want to wake her do u? Better you than her?” The hand squeezed her tighter and she could only choke out ..”Yessss

She could feel him against the back of her and as he squeezed her a little tighter he said ”Lose the jacket … that’s right .. now rip the top open .. yeah … harder … see the buttons do rip off … how the bra .. pull it down … good .. now hands down to your side !”

Cass felt so exposed … and so wet from the rain .. but also getting strangely wet somewhere else .. oh god ! Here pussy was betraying her !

As his other hand started pulling on first one nipple then the other, Cass started to moan, and felt his hand tighter …”Be quiet” … but this just made it worse .. as he excited her … she tried to focus on being quiet … but than her hand betrayed her … and she found it touching herself .. so wet !

She could not stop moaning deep in her throat … the more he squeezed her neck .. the harder she rubbed her clit ,, oh god … so close !

“STOP” he said .. “in my pocket .. is a thick dildo … I want you to suck on it .. get it wet … and then use it”

She reached around .. oh GOD .. it was thick … so long … and as she opened and started sucking it .. she could taste the tangy pussy juice that was on it … and could only force more of it !

“Suck it good … yeah clean it good .. that nice and tasty?… I bet it is ! I knew u would love it … found it in your daughters room”

She started cumming … and sucking all at the same time .. was her daughters ! OH GOD … how could she … and she could not stop !

Reaching a hand down, he grabbed her left leg and pulled it up tight to her .. opening her wide …

“Use it ! Fuck yourself … that’s right … both hands … deeper … all the way … better do it good .. or I will take it upstairs … and use it on her “

Cass was on fire … one wave after another hit … she had never used anything this big and with each thrust worked it deeper and deeper till it was totally buried inside … and she was on one continues cum !

Dropping her leg … she felt him let go and reach down pulling her pants back on .. and trapping the dildo deep inside her …

“Get on all fours “

His hands in her hair .. she felt his hardness against her face … then it was out .. so hard hot … and she hungrily took all of it her mouth .. and as he started using her head to fuck his cock .. each stroke backed her up .. till she was against the post of the stair railing … and then pushing against the crotch of her pants … and forcing the dildo deeper !

“Its fuck time … u get to fuck yourself and me … that’s it … harder … faster … bury that deep !”

With every thrust forward she went to his balls … and every one backwards … she found a new place the dildo had not reached before .. harder and harder she pounded the post ,.. fucking herself … till she started getting the load of cum she so now wanted !!!

She always knew Ken coming to do this to her would be something she could hardly describe!

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