Thursday, June 17, 2010

FFF for June 18th "Taking the wall down"

One thing had lead to another, gambling debt, whoring around, next thing I knew that fucking Russian had become my silent partner. Silent not being really what he was. He owned my soul and knew it, and made my life hell. Ivan was a son-of-a-bitch and his nickname fit …. Ivan the Terrible.

After about 6 months I was scheming some way to get out from under or at least, make his life as miserable till good fortune smiled on me … his daughter arrived from Russia.

She was 19, British educated, prim and proper lady, everything he was not. And the apple of his eye, he would give her the world and she knew it.

My plan was to take her down hard, ruin her for him and get my pound of flesh.

I discovered by accident, she not only had almost never drank, she was a total tea-tottler, one drink and she was glassy eyed, two about to fall down, and well three .. three meant you could do what you wanted.

She arrived at my place one evening, dropping off some paper Ivan needed signed … offered a glass of water … ½ vodka. Within minutes she was giggling and hardly realized I had open a few buttons … the little mink had come braless .. what a treat to see those luscious breasts …
The second drink went down even better and was easy to slip off her panties and take a nice picture of her exposed, that cute little pussy I would soon have and a reminder for her for all time.

I made a call, plan was underway as the third drink went down. She was blasted and now naked and was now mine to take … and I did …

She worked hard sucking me … no idea what she thought she was doing but worked on my hard cock like was the last one she would ever get … and then used that hard cock on her …. Fucked that sweet pussy .. and then flipped her over .. her tight back-door.

Knock on the door, he had arrived.

My friend came in … was impressed with what he saw .. and went to work …. Inscribing a very small …. But legible tattoo .. just about her clit .. something she would see … and have no idea what had happened … but what I made sure to get a number of pictures of .. of her .. and slowly closer and closer till you could read it …

And so fitting too … it said

“the Iron Curtain had well and truly fallen”


  1. Now THAT is an interesting take on the phrase. Don't think I would have considered using it in quite that way. Thanks for playing!

    -- PB

  2. "three meant you could do what you wanted."

    I think I know her... *laughs*

    Happy FFF.

  3. THANKS appricate the kind words !

  4. How original!!! Loved that. Branding her. Happy FFF :)

  5. devious ;)but she DID come bra-less and every woman out there knows what that means! Or maybe I just think too much like a man....

  6. Ivan ain't got nothin' on him. LOL Happy FFF!

  7. Thanks ladies ... amd yes ... braless means you get what you get !