Monday, June 14, 2010

Home late

It was after 4am and still she was not home.
Karen had to move back home and thought it was all just a party ... never a call where she was , always staying out late and not shy about saying she had gone home with some guy.

I was waiting for her when she opened the door at 4:17am.

"Where the fuck have you been, you know its 4am?"

"Whats wrong, you got no where better to be but waiting for me?"

"Look at you, you barely have any clothes on ... !"

"Bet you would like me in a lot less ... I was a while ago ... fact I was naked on a bed with two guys ... and they sure liked how I looked ! They were feeding me ... but you would like seeing that !"

Turning she headed upstairs ... and after a minute I headed upstairs also ... mad and ready to give her a piece of my mind.

Was about to open her door when I heard her voice inside ..

"Fuck I'm wet .. his cock was getting hard ... of god ... that feels good .... my pussy is so ready for some more hard cock .. I want one to suck so bad !"

I slowly pushed the door open ... she only had her back skirt on ... topless ...her heavy breasts open for me to see ... her skirt up .. both hands between her legs ...

I stripped in the hall as I watched her ... so she saw me getting hard did she? ... then she should get a taste of it all ...

"You want some cock slut ... come suck on some Daddy cock !"

Her eyes flew open to find me hard and by the bed .. in seconds she was on the floor on her knees ... her mouth open ... as I pushed her head down tight ... giving her all of it .. I grabbed her hair .. and used it to fuck her face

"U want some cock every night ... then you suck this ... u want a cock between your legs ... u better fuck this ... u want a load of cum ...then drink THIS !!!!!"

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