Monday, June 14, 2010

Out at lunch time today

Had decided to stop on the way back from some meetings and grab a bite.
Stopped at a local sub shop and as I waited, started chatting with a nicely dressed women about 45-50. Her name was Carol and somehow we got on the topic of the size of the sub and she said that 6" was nice but gone too fast. I said maybe you are doing it wrong !
She laughed and said if I wanted, maybe I should show her how 6" got used correctly. I said where and when ! She laughed .. said .. "well I live about 2 minutes from here" ... I said ... "lets go" ... she laughed again ... "I have never done anything like that before" ... I said "that is why your 6" is gone so fast."
We got our subs and walked out ... and as she got to her car .. turned and said ... "I will drive slow so u can follow" ... so we started out, thinking she was kidding but soon pulled into a nice house.
We got out and walked to the front door. She turned and said ... "I want you, as soon as we get inside ... to strip me ... rip my dress and clothes off ... and I want you to make sure ... I get all of u .. everywhere" ... she pushed the door open and I followed.

What followed was pushing and pulling on her ... ripped her dress open ... and then pulled it over her head .. trapping her arms .. as I pulled her panties off .. and exposed her very wet pussy ... I proceeded to eat her as my fingers found her ass ... she was yelling and fighting .. but was also SOAKING wet !

I pulled off her bra, rolled her over, tied her hands and stripped .... and then mounted her face ... and started fucking it ... I was so HARD !

I then spun around so I could eat her as she eat my cock ... I then started eating her ass ... and she was moaning .. "oh god ... oh god" ... so pulling out ... I slide my ass down to her face ... told her to tongue it as I eat hers ... she went wild ...

Ended up standing her up ... leading her into the living room ... and bent her over the end of the couch ...

Asked her what she did for a living ... "loan officer at a bank" .. was a VP ...

Said ... "u ever been fucked on the end of your couch" ... "god no" .. she wailed as I plugged her ... I asked if her husband did her like this ... she just started cumming ... then I pulled out ... and started rubbing my cock on her ass hole ... "oh god no ... I have never ... done that" ... I said .. "u will have now" ... and started pushing ... slowly she opened ... till my head went it ... then I pulled it out ... and worked it in .. in and out .. just the head .. over and over ... till I had 2" in, then 3", then more ... slowly getting more in ... so tight ... till I was up to her ass ... Then reaching down untied her ... she was naked and stuck on my cock ..

"Well?" I said ...

"Fuck me" .. she said

Putting my arms around her ... I started fucking her ass

"Bet hubby would cum watching u take this ... maybe u would like watching him squirt seeing u like this ..." she started cumming ...

"Maybe hubby should be getting this as U watch?"

Carol was cumming and cumming ... as I came in her tight ass !

As I was leaving, she said she would love doing this again ... still hard again thinking about it !!

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