Monday, June 14, 2010

So sweet .. tasting !

I had been chatting with her online for a few weeks and we finally got together this weekend.
Sami was a cute little blond and one hot kisser !
We started with sucking the others tongues till she had me almost naked ... and sucking on my hard cock ... and boy could she suck !! She had me moaning and begging in no time.

Then I pulled her panties aside ... and found she had a hard cock all ready and waiting to be sucked. Before I could say anything, she pushed it right into my waiting mouth .. and started doing my face as she worked on me ..

Before long I got a load of her sweet cum .. and she kept on pumping as I sucked her back to hardness ... good she tasted good !

"I think you liked this way to much Ken, u are rock hard, I think maybe I should see if you want Sami to do you from behind?"
All I could do was moan "God yes, I want that deep in my ass dear"

Getting on all fours, I had her get behind me ... and slide it up my ass .. and start pumping as she pulled on my cock ...

"That's it baby, let Sami make u cum ... and I want u to feel me pumping as u do ..."

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